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Full Mouth Restoration Marketing

Restore esthetics and function to patient smiles
while growing your dental practice.

Are you hoping to grow your dental practice this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing can help you achieve your practice goals faster than attaining an influx of full mouth restoration patients using the power of digital marketing.

As you well know, full mouth restorations offer a unique opportunity to tailor dental services to each patient. Every restoration case is different. Restoring both esthetics and function to a patient’s smile may include crowns, veneers, dental implants, or all of the above. The service is lucrative and provides patients with an improved quality of life. Everyone wins.

To be effective at full mouth restoration marketing, also referred to as full mouth reconstruction marketing, you must use the proper digital channels and the right language to convey ultimate value to potential dental patients.

The channels your patients use could involve Google, email marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Your first objective is to determine where your audience most hangs out. Let’s begin with Google.

Google My Business – Show Off Those Pearly Whites

Right now, there may be dozens or even hundreds of patients searching for “full mouth restorations near me” using the Google search engine. Hopefully, by now you have claimed your Google My Business profile, which is the platform Google offers all businesses free of charge. Claiming your page allows you to edit your profile according to your specifications.

To fill out your profile, make sure you have the basics – your dental practice name, address, and phone number (NAP). You’ll also want to include general information about your practice, your hours of operation, and high-quality media, such as photographs and videos.
The media is particularly important. This is your chance to highlight the beautiful work you do when reconstructing patient smiles. When patients land on your GMB profile, they should understand right away that you are the dentist in town to visit when their intent is to repair bite function and smile appearance. This requires you to educate patients on the proper dental services to request.

Some patients may refer to restoration dentistry as a “smile makeover,” but that’s not technically correct. Full mouth restorations go beyond cosmetic dentistry and focus on how the bite fits together, as well as how the smile looks. This education can go in your About section of your GMB so that patients are no longer confused about the services to request and the ones you offer.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. How do patients find your GMB? When patients search for a term like “smile makeover near me” or “smile reconstruction near me,” you want your dental practice to show up first on Google.

If you do a good enough job on your profile, and you manage to send patients to your GMB to leave reviews, you have a good chance of showing up in the 3-pack for your area.

The 3-pack is the coveted piece of digital real estate that shows up when patients search for dental services like yours in a particular geographical location. If you are a dentist in Chicago, Illinois, for example, you want your practice to show up first in the 3-pack when prospective patients search for a “smile makeover in Chicago, IL.”

Even if you don’t show up first in the 3-pack, you want to make your GMB attractive enough for full-mouth restoration patients to choose your practice over the other two dentists in town. This can be done by accumulating as many 4- and 5-star reviews as possible. You should be sending every smile restoration patient to your GMB to leave a review, as that will make your profile stand out.

Ideally, prospects searching Google will click on your GMB and convert from there. That is, they will call your office or visit in person simply by viewing your offerings on your Google My Business Page. Prospects that don’t convert will hopefully click through to your website, which is another chance to shine as a full mouth reconstruction dentist.

Your Dental Website –
Intuitive, Attractive,
And Ready to Convert

Prospects looking for full-mouth restorations will land on your website expecting to find information about that service. This is an opportunity for you to place full mouth restorations front and center. Don’t make patients search through your website to find what they’re looking for. Ideally, you will have information about restoration dentistry on your home page, above the fold, so prospects don’t have to scroll to find the information they need.

For an added boost, use your website to allow patients to schedule an appointment online instead. The more options you give patients to schedule, the better it will be for your lead generation efforts.
Research can determine where your audience gathers online. Are they on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? If so, a social media campaign advertising full-mouth restorations can make social scrollers sit up and take notice.

Or maybe your audience prefers to receive emails instead. An email marketing campaign that offers tips on how to select the best reconstruction dentistry services can communicate enough value to make prospects choose you over competitors.

PPC or paid digital marketing can also bring new patients your way. Your PPC ads should speak to patients’ needs, such as the desire to have a full set of beautiful teeth and a healthy bite when they’re searching Google while hating the way their teeth fit together and look.

A PPC ad might read, “Want your youthful smile back? Request a full-mouth restoration today!.”

Social Media,
Email, and PPC

Full Mouth Restoration Marketing
is About Conveying Value

You now have a better idea of the omnichannel approach required to gain the attention of your prospective audience. You may have patients searching for your practice right now. They are typically in their forties or older and wish they had the function and beauty of the smiles they possessed in their twenties. This is your chance to swoop in and save the day.

Providing value as a full-mouth restoration marketer is about making patients envision the possibilities. Start with their pain points, those frustrations that make them search Google for restoration dentistry at two in the morning.

Pain points for those needing a full-mouth restoration include:
Malocclusion: Except patients are not likely to search for that term. They may search for a bad bite, misaligned teeth, problems with chewing, or shifting teeth.
Periodontal disease: Patients might search for help with bad gums, worn gums, or gum disease.
Teeth: Patients might need help with decayed teeth, cracked teeth, worn teeth, broken down teeth, or missing teeth.
TMJ: Many patients don’t know what a temporomandibular joint and jaw muscle is. They may search for jaw pain, mouth pain, and headaches instead.
Appearance: Patients concerned about the way they look might search for new teeth, smile makeover, or full mouth restoration if they have come across that term online.
With full mouth restorations being so personalized toward each patient, you should encompass all of these ideas into your marketing efforts. Let patients know that this is a highly customizable service that can restore bite and esthetics by choosing you as their restoration dentist.

Pain points will bring patients your way if you can include them in your marketing materials. But it’s the value you convey that will make them choose your dental practice over the competition.

How to Convey Value with
Full Mouth Restoration Marketing

Tell Engaging Stories About
Comprehensive, Full-Mouth Treatment
Storytelling can be a powerful digital marketing technique when used appropriately. In this instance, you can tell the story of a patient you may have helped. Start with the pain, such as the patient was unable to eat his favorite foods because of a bad bite and some missing teeth. Dentures were no good because of his severe gum wear. This left the patient depressed, isolated, and unable to smile for fear of being judged by others.

The story can involve the patient’s consultation with you, and the treatment plan you provided to give the patient a brilliant smile makeover. What an inspiring story that is! It's sure to bring more than a few reconstruction patients your way.
Inform and Educate
Every marketing channel you use is another opportunity to teach your audience about the nuances of full-mouth restorations. Focus on your patients' smile goals.

Your GMB page can display the true beauty of a fully-transformed bite and smile. Your website can deliver the steps necessary to obtain a full-mouth restoration, such as a consultation, treatment plan, removal of old dentistry, periodontal treatment if needed, teeth impressions, and custom restorations.

Adding a blog to your website is yet another chance to inform and educate. Even social channels can be used to tell patient stories, provide insight into how your practice is different, and - most importantly - pricing information.
Show Before and After Photographs
Having a before and after gallery on your website is an excellent digital marketing technique that can sway fence-sitters to choose you for their smile restoration needs. While images can’t convey bite changes very well, they can showcase the improved esthetics, which is a major selling point of restoration dentistry.
Video Testimonials from Actual Patients
Better yet, get your patients to film themselves with their brand-new smiles, courtesy of your dental practice. A video testimonial can include information about bite function and esthetics as the patient waxes on about how improved their quality of life has become since visiting your dental practice.
Overcoming Objections
In addition to informing and educating your audience, you’ll want to present information that helps patients do away with any objections they might have.
The fees associated with a full mouth reconstruction can vary widely. Patients may pay $4,000 or $20,000 or more for all crowns, all veneers, dentures, implant-supported dentures, or all-on-X restoration options.

Do not omit pricing information. It is best to be transparent if you want patients to trust you with their mouths. You should also mention what patients get for their significant investment into their smiles, such as an oral exam, digital X-rays, comprehensive diagnostics, improved oral health (including help with bad breath in some instances), gum disease treatment, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and other custom treatment plan options.

When stating reconstruction fees, you might also include methods for payment, such as information related to insurance and dental financing. The patients who are in the market for what you offer will not be deterred by fees if you can convey value and show off your handiwork using media depicting gorgeous patient smiles.

You now have a better idea of how to bring more full-mouth restoration patients your way. The question is, are you ready to grow your practice starting right now?

At Web Marketing for Dentists, we help dental professionals like you grow their practices using advanced digital marketing techniques. Whether your patients have a bad bite, unattractive teeth, missing teeth, or all of the above, they are searching Google right now. Get in front of them by choosing us for your digital dental marketing needs.


How much does digital dental marketing cost?

Digital marketing costs vary depending on the size of your geographical area and the competitiveness of your market. We also factor in the digital marketing channels you’ll use to attract smile makeover patients, and the extent of your current digital marketing efforts.

We would be happy to provide you with a free, transparent quote to help your practice grow.

How long does it take to see results with full restoration marketing?

Many of our dentist clients see results and new patients in just a few days with PPC campaigns but other marketing options like SEO will take longer (from 6 to 12 months). The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start enjoying the lucrative influx of patients to your dental office.

How do I know when my digital marketing efforts are working?

Many SEO companies send their clients flashy reports filled with colorful graphs and a bundle of confusing numbers. The problem is, these reports are often difficult to decipher, leaving you more confused than when you first opened the email attachment.

We don’t work that way. Sure, we can make those graphs but we focus on results. You will know our efforts are bearing fruit for your dental practice when the phone rings and the waiting area fills up with the type of patients YOU want. These are the patients who are in the market for full restorations, they need help ASAP, and they want you to provide the much-needed help.

How Do I Get Started?

Don’t let prospective patients go another day suffering from bad bites and awful teeth. Instead, give them a pleasing smile with full-mouth restoration dentistry. Click the button below to schedule a phone call with one of our founders. Here’s to your practice growth!

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