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DENTAL Implant Marketing

Dental Implant Marketing – Win more implant cases
to fill the gaps in your lead generation efforts.

The biggest mistake dentists commit is to treat implant marketing like any other dental marketing campaign. Dental implant marketing is only effective when targeted to a specific segment of your geographical market. To be successful, you must understand the nuances that cause someone to search for teeth cleaning versus dental implants. Once you understand the how’s and why’s, you can more effectively target those individuals with a powerful lead generation strategy.

Your goal as a dental implant marketer is to have your local area view you as the go-to professional in the field of implant dentistry. To accomplish this with digital marketing, you must place relevant information in the path of prospective patients, wherever they happen to be online.

Let’s start with Google implant marketing.

Google Searches on the Rise for Dental Implants

Dental implant searches have risen 100% since 2010. All-on-four implant searches have increased by 300%!

You can capture the attention of those searchers by understanding who they are and what they want.

Dental implants appeal to a specific segment of the population. Implant patients tend to be older, and often with enough financial stability to afford a more permanent solution to lost or missing teeth.
It’s common to segment your audience into distinct groups, such as those who want single implants as opposed to the all-on-four full-arch implants. These groups can be targeted with tailored content that answers their questions and entices them to pick up the phone.

To generate leads in this manner, you must go to where your audience resides online. Market research can give you this information, letting you focus on the channels that will deliver your content into the right hands. Your audience might use Google to find information about dental implants, or may frequent Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where they are more open to educating themselves.

Once you know the proper channels to target, you need content if you hope to become the go-to implant dentist in your area.

Educating Your Audience
on the Benefits of Dental Implants

Understanding Why Patients
Seek Out Dental Implants
To be the best dental implant marketer, you need to identify why someone turns to a platform like Google to search for help in filling the holes in their mouths.

Your role is to populate your digital footprint with information that speaks to the benefits your prospective patients can experience by choosing you as their implant dentist.
One way to market dental implants is to highlight their superiority over alternative dental prosthetic options. Bridges fill gaps but can put pressure on the supporting teeth, leading to potential wear and tear. Full or partial dentures can also cause problems, such as slippage. And then there’s that noxious glue that either doesn’t work or works too well, making the removal of the dentures difficult at the end of the day.

With dental implants, the implant will remain in place, no matter what, giving patients a set-it-and-forget-it experience.
Dental implant marketing collateral can be powerful when focused on the beautiful appearance implant wearers get to enjoy. High-quality photographs on your Google My Business profile, website, blog, and social media can often be enough to entice people to click through to learn more.

People often choose dental implants because they don’t want an apparent gap in their smiles. A dental implant looks like the real thing, in photographs, and in person. Even close up! It’s as if nature gave them the tooth, but really it came from your dental implant practice.
Dental Implant Marketing Tip
Get your implant patients to film themselves in a series of testimonial videos. Dental implant testimonials offer powerful social proof that can drive even the most undecided prospect to call or visit to schedule. Share the videos far and wide, on your GMB, website, and on social media platforms. Watch the effect this simple dental marketing technique has on your lead generation efforts.
Another major benefit of implants is the ability to live a normal life. Denture wearers and bridge wearers sometimes have to be careful when eating foods like apples and steak. Dental implant wearers can eat these foods without issue because they are permanently secured in place.

Mention in your marketing collateral that dental implants offer an experience that is just like the real thing, meaning they no longer have to worry about their teeth at all.
Cost is a major factor that speaks to the decision-making of whether to go with implants or a less expensive alternative. There is a tremendous lack of knowledge in today’s market regarding the cost of implants and options available. Implant patients might like to know that they have a choice and the costs associated with those decisions. And remember, always emphasize that not making a decision is also a decision and has costs attached to it which only increase over time.

If you can manage to convince patients in your area to choose you, you can go from $300 to $500 an hour doing regular crown and bridgework to $1,500 to $2,000 an hour placing dental implants.

To drive dental implant leads your way from your online efforts, you need a dedicated dental implant marketing strategy. This is what your strategy might look like.

Additional Tips for Building a Professional
Dental Website

The first order of business when marketing services like dental implants is to tailor your web presence to reflect that you are an expert in implant dentistry. Your Google My Business profile should display photographs of dental implant patients and provide information that answers questions as to the benefits and costs associated with various implant options.

It cannot be stressed enough that cost is a tremendous factor that must be addressed during the patient’s decision-making process. Make sure potential leads understand the costs involved and the options related to those dentistry fees.

Optimizing your GMB profile gives you a chance to show up in the 3-Pack of organic search results on Google. The 3-Pack is a collection of the top professionals when a localized search is conducted. When a search user types “Dental implant in Los Angeles,” for example, your hope is that your LA-based practice will show up within those three listings.

Becoming a 3-Pack implant dentist can deliver a ton of leads. You can then compound your lead generation efforts by sending patients to your GMB profile to leave a review. The more reviews you have, particularly if they mention dental implants, the more attention your listing will gather.
The ideal situation would have potential new patients converting right from Google. They see your phone number and call, or the map to your listing and walk-in.

Others will click-through to your website. Here is where many dentists fall short when marketing services like dental implants. Here is how to turn your website into a digital marketing machine.

Dental Website –
Welcoming, Intuitive,
and Aimed at Driving Leads

Your website should be easy on the eyes and intuitive in design. Place dental implant information right on the home page. You don’t have to get extensive. Snippets on the home page that lead to dedicated pages within the site are the best way to keep visitors on the hook. The idea is to provide enough information to where you are seen as the dental implant expert and thought leader.

The key to driving traffic to your website from GMB and prospects to your office from your website is to focus on education. You know how to sell dental implants. You merely need to convey the information with your web presence if you want to become a dental implant marketing expert.
We already discussed the main benefits of implants – permanence, a natural appearance, and comfort. These should be discussed throughout your web presence. Use pain points to drive Google and social search users to your web presence. Focus on failing teeth, missing teeth, lost teeth, and broken teeth. Let prospects know they don’t have to deal with noxious dental glue any longer, or bridges that threaten the integrity of their healthy teeth.

Post the costs prominently. They will not deter the right audience. The people who can afford dental implants are the ones you want to target. Give them the information they need, delivered in a way that leaves no questions unanswered. That’s how to secure more dental implant cases for the growth of your dental practice.

But you’re a dentist running a busy practice. You may not have time to implement an omnichannel digital marketing campaign. That’s where we come in.

At Web Marketing for Dentists, our goal is to ensure patients in your area see you as the go-to implant dentist. With a 360-degree marketing approach, we deliver the leads YOU want to your dental practice. We’re talking about people who know the value of dental implants and want the best service for the best value. We even help you close the leads you earn. Not many other dental marketing firms can say the same.

Educating your Audience
on the Benefits of
Dental Implants


Is my practice a suitable candidate for a dental implant marketing campaign?

We have worked with all types of dental professionals in the fifteen years we’ve been in business. In our experience, the dentists that do best with dental marketing are general dentists that add implants to their line of services.

Many general dentists are looking for a new challenge after offering the same services year in and year out. Dental implants offer a lucrative opportunity to secure an all-new segment of the market while adding fulfillment and happiness to your life.

Get in touch to see if your practice is a viable candidate for this unique digital marketing opportunity.

Is now the right time for implant marketing?

Yes! There are more than 120 million people missing one or more teeth in North America alone. This is your chance to tap into this hugely untapped market with an effective digital campaign.

What does dental implant marketing cost?

To calculate the fees necessary to drive implant patients your way, we need to analyze your geographical area, the competitiveness of your area, and the digital marketing efforts you have used thus far. We can deliver a quote promptly devoid of hidden fees. Just say the word.

How do I know my implant campaign is working?

You’ll know your organic SEO campaign is working for dental implant marketing when you begin signing up patients for dental implant cases. At Web Marketing for Dentists, we are only interested in securing you leads that become actual patients. That is what we mean by results. With more implant cases, your practice grows, and we all win.

How can I start growing my practice with a dental implant marketing strategy?

Schedule a call with one of our founders and start on the path to marketing your business as the prominent dental implant practice in your area. Click the button below to get started.

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