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You went to school to become a dentist, but when you are building a thriving practice, a lot more goes into being successful than just dental skills. And if marketing is not your zone of genius, we’ve got you covered. Dental logos capture attention and make connections to your audience, so we know it’s an important decision. And that’s why we’re here to provide some insight for you.

Here is all you need to know about choosing the best dental logo for your practice.

Generally speaking, logos in the dental industry are pretty similar. Many people either use the name of their practice, or they use a smile-related image to get the message across. Turns out, there’s more than one way to decorate a tooth. There are many variations and ways to make your dental logo stand out and connect with your clients.

And trust us, when you are building your clientele, you want to connect to your clients in ANY way you can. Wading through all the dental logos is worth it to find the best one for you. Here are some pointers to consider before even getting started with the technical stuff.

#1. You will Find The Perfect Logo.

Right now you’ve got a lot on your plate (of calcium-rich food), and it can take a few days to find the perfect fit. So give yourself permission to release the pressure. The best decisions are made with a clear mind, and you don’t need to be stressing about this. Take your time. Once you have narrowed your vision down to a couple of logos that work, sleep on it! This is the logo that will be plastered on all your marketing content. So no hasty decisions!

#2. Outsource if you find logo shopping overwhelming.

It’s always an option to ask your teenage daughter to whip something up for you. (Are they born knowing how to use technology now?) And some family members or friends might have the knack to actually create something that’s pretty good. But you should also feel free to hire someone who is a graphic designer to create your dental logo for you. Usually a graphic designer can also design some social media templates as a perk and combine it into packages that decrease your marketing effort in the future. Which is great because if finding a logo is overwhelming, you might want to consider outsourcing your social media content creation as well. We have services that could benefit you as you’re choosing a dental logo. Just let us know if we can help!

#3. Simplify! Your dental logo will simply be a stamp that connects you to your ideal clients.

Simplifying doesn’t mean it’s not important. People are so visually stimulated that your image can have a great impact on brand recognition. And that’s not said to pressure you (refer back to pointer #1). That’s said to inspire you. Think about what you offer simply and in a general way. It’s more than teeth cleaning and surgery - it’s confidence and relief. So keep the bigger picture. When choosing your logo, simplify the offering in your mind, and that will help you choose what’s best for you.

Imagine there’s a child who hates the dentist, and the mother tells the child it’s time for a cleaning. The child then starts to feel all the uncertainty that begins to set in at that age.

Everything is so new at the dentist, and there are so many sharp tools. Add in a previously bad experience with another dentist who was not so competent, and now you’ve got real panic on your hands. This situation isn’t good for the child OR the dentist. Or the mom.

Even with mom reassuring that this dentist will be different, it would make sense that the child would still be hesitant to even go inside the building.

But what if the first point of contact that child had at the dentist was a big, happy smile on the sign out front in bright, fun colors? This opens the child up to a new way of thinking about the dentist. It might inspire the child with just enough curiosity to see what’s inside. When the child walks in and sees that the dentist specializes in creating a safe and comfortable space specifically for children, the child can begin to relax and allow the dentist to provide the safe and important services that will better that child’s life. When a dentist keeps his specialty in mind when he or she chooses a logo, it can really add to the patient’s overall experience with the dentist, and be the starting point to more interactions in the future.

Now that we have zeroed in on the right mindset, we can dive into the technical aspects of choosing a logo. If you keep in mind these things, you will be able to choose the logo that’s right for you in no time at all.
Again, keep in mind what your specialty is. What do you want people to think of when they think of your practice? Do you want to be known as a dental practice that incorporates minimal waste and environmental practices into your procedures? If so you could potentially incorporate a leaf or water droplet, anything that will quickly symbolize your commitment to conservation. If you want to be known as a high-tech facility, focusing on progress, and being on the cutting edge of technology in your field, that is another factor you can focus on in your logo. It might mean your design has a sleek shape or a more geometrical pattern signifying your commitment to progress and modernity. It can be tempting to want to incorporate many themes into your logo, but refer back to tip #3, and keep it simple.
Similarly, the colors you use in your logo can signify the type of establishment you want to be seen as. For example, if you want your practice to be seen as a disciplined, serious, and no-nonsense office, then you’ll probably want to use darker colors. If you are more open to playfulness and finding light-heartedness in your office, you might use orange or warm tones. Every color will conjure different things in the minds of your clients. Think of what personality or mood you are going for in your office, and choose a color that matches it. Green is generally for growth and progress. Blue is calming and settling. Red is flashy and bold. You get to decide what matches your vibe best.
If your niche is just trying to become the foremost dental practice in your area, then you might want to consider implementing aspects of your town’s location into your logo. If your city is known for its oak trees, that can be the backdrop. If your town is near a major bridge, you could incorporate that symbolism as well. You will attract clients who value tradition and consistency, which would be great if their dental habits also exhibited those values.
Target Audience
You know the people that you enjoy serving. Those are going to be the clients who keep coming back to you for services loyally. So create a logo that appeals to them. It can be really helpful to keep their age demographic in mind like the dentist office mentioned previously whose goal was to be kid-friendly. Maybe you are appealing to quirky millennials in Portland or retirees in southwest Florida. Each audience will resonate with a different image.
Business Name
If the name of your practice embodies the ideals you are striving for in your practice, you might find it beneficial to incorporate your business name into the logo. Maybe your family name has a history of being reliable, and you know your ideal clients will recognize the history there. Perhaps you incorporated a sense of safety into your business name, and you want to bring attention to that. You can definitely incorporate the business name into your dental logo design and choose other colors and shapes that emphasize it.
You wanted to become a dentist so that you could use your skills to provide a much-needed service. And we know that many dental schools focus more on skills than unpacking the business side of building a practice. Hopefully you can see that while choosing a dental logo can be a tedious and overwhelming process, it can become easier when you hone in on the type of dental practice you want to create. Knowing that you get to let your passion shine through your practice - and even your dental logo - can help to inspire you to tackle all the marketing with enthusiasm. The strategy you choose with your dental logo will make your practice more memorable and set you up for success. Remember to always go back to your goals for your practice, and allow that to lead you into the perfect dental logo for you!

Let us know if you need any further guidance or if we can help you make the decisions to find your favorite dental logo.

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