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Does your dental practice website have an elevated bounce rate? Those are individuals who visit your site and leave without filling out a form or otherwise leaving their contact information. In marketing, we call these missed opportunities. Wouldn’t you rather have a way to engage instantly with every visitor who lands on your site? Now you can with the use of a dental chat service.

When you’ve put in all the effort to attract visitors to your site, you should never let a visit go to waste. A dental chat solution offers live agents or AI-powered chatbots that inform, educate, and engage with your audience in real-time, even in the middle of the night.

What is Dental Chat?

You can think of dental chat as having your very own virtual assistant. When you employ a dental chat option on your website, it can take a few different forms. Some dentists have a box in the corner of the website that expands the moment someone makes a visit. Other websites have an icon visitors need to click to fire up the dental chat service. No matter how the option looks, the results are the same. A chat box opens and instantly engages with your visitor.

Imagine landing on a website and having a live agent asking, “How can I help you today?” Many chat boxes have agent photos with smiling faces that make the visitor feel as though they are speaking to a member of your staff. As you can imagine, this is excellent for customer service.

How Does Dental Chat Work?

Dental chat agents and bots can answer frequently asked questions, such as, “I cracked a tooth! What should I do?” or “Does your office accept my dental insurance?”

Dental chat is also useful for booking appointments at any time of the day or night, even on weekends and holidays. According to DentistryIQ, having a live chat feature on your dentistry website can double the number of site visitors that schedule appointments.

The live agent or bot can either schedule the appointment directly or pass the necessary information to one of your staff. As the dentist, you’re in total control over how your new virtual assistant operates.

If you have a live agent on the other end, you’ll have to familiarize that person with the way your practice works and provide a list of frequently asked questions.

A chatbot is automated and can be preprogrammed with responses to common inquiries on your website. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to recognize certain keywords and phrases. This allows the bot to know how best to respond. Some chatbots can even be programmed to respond in multiple languages, further bolstering your customer service capabilities.
Furthermore, when patients ask questions or provide information, all of the data gets logged and sent to you so that you become more familiar with the needs of each site visitor.

What are the Benefits of Having a Dental Chat Option?

In addition to doubling appointment bookings and answering questions, there are several other benefits to having a dental chat option on your website. You will keep visitors on your site longer, and each time visitors engage with your dental chat, they become more familiar with your brand, paving the way for them to become lifelong patients.

By far the greatest benefit is that you can capture the information of patients who would rather chat than pick up the phone. Over 60% of millennials would rather chat than make a phone call, for example. Without a chat option, you may lose a major segment of your patient population.

A J.D. Power survey also found that nearly half of all customers prefer live chat when compared to both email and social media.

In addition, dental chat frees up your staff to handle more important matters, like tending to the patients who are scheduled and those that walk-in looking for more information.

And get this. If your competitors only have web forms on their websites and you have dental chat, who do you think is going to score more patients? You or the other guy? That was an easy test. Of course, it’s going to be you! In fact, in our experience, when clients install dental chat on their website they generate 25% more new patient leads on average.

Webchat will help you convert more prospects into patients, even if every one of your staff is fast asleep at home in bed. What a game-changer!
Dental chat will improve your reputation as a dentist, you’ll form better relationships with patients, and you’ll learn more about your target audience, helping you precision target them with all your other marketing efforts.

In short, dental chat is the next level of customer service in dentistry. If you don’t have a web chat option, you are missing out. The big question is: Do you want a live agent or an AI-bot at the helm? Here are some things to consider.

Live Agents Can Pivot on the Fly

Live agents are, of course, real people, so they have the ability to respond to patients in real-time. Whether it’s a question or concern, live agents have the ability to make the conversation flow. They can also direct patients toward scheduling an appointment just like one of your staff sitting at your front desk.

To make live agents work, you will need to educate them on the ins and outs of your practice, the way you do business, and all the nuances they may be faced with, such as insurance questions, emergency dental situations, and when you have openings for appointments, for example.

AI Bots Can Be Programmed Any Way You Like

As long as you provide the right programming, AI chatbots can engage with prospects and patients similar to a real agent. Bots don’t have to take breaks and they can handle multiple chats at the same time, making them invaluable for dental practices that want a simple, responsive chat option to capture more patient opportunities.

Let’s recap. Why do you want a dental chat option on your website?
Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate
Prospects that land on your site can become patients in a flash with a live chat agent or  bot. They will also stay on your site longer, which is excellent for SEO.
Fewer Missed Opportunities
Instead of losing prospects that land and bounce, you have the ability to gather information from each and every person who lands. This is handy for marketing purposes and lets you better understand your target audience.
Keep the Phone Lines Free
Instead of the phone ringing off the hook, you have the opportunity to help prospects that land on your site with a simple chat option. That means your staff can help patients in your office much more effectively since they’re not answering the phones for simple questions 24/7.
Gain an Edge Over the Competition
Do your competitors have dental chat options for their prospects and patients? If not, this is a good time to become the most responsive, and more customer service-friendly practice in town. Dental chat can position you as the dental professional who cares. Why wouldn’t you want a dental chatbox with all the amazing benefits this technology has to offer?
At Web Marketing for Dentists, we can help you gain an edge over the competition with search engine optimization (SEO), SEM (PPC ads), and dental chat.


How much does dental chat cost?

Our live agents don’t cost anything unless they successfully generate a lead on your behalf. That’s right. Based on your geographical area and business goals, we will calculate a cost per lead amount.

 Following that, you won’t pay anything until a lead gives us their name, email address/phone number, and the procedure that interests them most.
We then charge you monthly for the leads we are able to generate.

For a dental chatbot, there is a set-up fee. We then charge monthly based upon how many questions you want the bot to answer, which starts at $200/month.

Live agents cost a bit more than chatbots, but live agents can also be more personable and able to steer patients into scheduling appointments more effectively when compared to an AI-powered bot.

Either option could be right for your dentistry practice. Our dental marketing agency can help you determine which chatbox method is right for your business needs.

How much does it cost to work with Web Marketing for Dentists?

Good question! The fees we charge depend on the services you require and the size of your geographical area. We consider your previous digital marketing efforts and your business goals. Together, we can find a solution that falls within your budget, and that helps you grow your business.

How do I know when my digital marketing efforts are working?

Whether you employ SEO, SEM, or dental chat, we could send you fancy reports with tons of graphs and impressive numbers. However, we prefer to work with results. You will know your efforts are paying off when your waiting area is filled up and your phone is ringing with the patients YOU want.

How do I get started?

To learn more, click the button below to jump on a phone call with one of our founders. We can tell you more about the services we offer and about the fees we charge, as well as how we can help you specifically become the top dental professional in your area. Ready to get started? We look forward to meeting with you.

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