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Hear the many wonderful reviews  from just a few of WM4D's happy clients! 

Dr. Arun K. Garg

South Florida for Dental Implants, FL

This is the best marketing we have ever done. I recommend it to everyone. I don’t see how our practice can grow to its full potential without them. We have 3 offices. We are looking to expand and grow. We are looking to expand and grow because of the confidence I have that Web Marketing For Dentists will be there to support me and to help me grow. With the 200 leads per month that they’ve been providing and will provide for futures offices.

Dr. Garg is President of the International Dental Implant Association and Dental Implant Professor & Trainer.

Dr. James Hardy

Louisberg, NC

Over the past years I’ve had no success like I’ve had with [Web Marketing for Dentists]. It’s changed the practice from a routine practice that’s struggling to a dental implant practice that’s really very profitable and will grow…We went from doing about 2 or 3 implants a month, to now we have at least 3 patients per day with implant cases in the range from $10,000 to $40,000. We are actually closing those cases and all of them came from [Web Marketing for Dentists]. We have increased the production from about $100,000, to about 180,000 in the last couple of months. It looks like we should double our practice in the next 6 months...

We have increased the production from about $100,000 per month to about $180,000.

Dr. Frank Roach, DDS

Norcross, GA

The impact of working with Isaac and Webmarketing for Dentists has been huge. I was placing 3-4 implants a month when starting with Web Marketing For Dentists. It’s been 10 years now and this past month I’ve had placed 46 implants, as a general dentist. If you’re looking to grow your practice and do dentistry the way you want to do it, Web Marketing For Dentists is the company for you. They literally changed my life. That’s huge!! It’s 100% changed the way I practice dentistry.

Dr. John S. Selden, DDS

Charlotte, NC

…I have been with the marketing program [Web Marketing for Dentists] for about 3 months now and have had exceptional results. The number of calls and leads have been pretty high quality. We’ve had a little over $200,000 of dentistry presented and approximately $130,000 accepted, paid for and started…

Dr. Steffany Mohan

West Des Moines, IA

…I do 20 to 25 different strategies all the time every single month and [Web Marketing for Dentists] are consistently in my top three…We get great patients and very targeted leads and really great dentistry that we’re able to perform because of that…

Dr. Alan Woodson

Upland, CA

…My new patient numbers were just drastically dwindling and my practice was in severe danger, and I can truly say that Web Marketing for Dentists literally saved my practice. In the first month that we did it, we generated $10,000. Over the four months that we’ve had it, we have generated over $30,000 in production. It is a wonderful thing, patients are calling our office, and they’re getting procedures done that they’re not getting done in their other dental office…David Herman [of Web Marketing for Dentists] is awesome, he really thoroughly serves you and he does whatever he can to maximize your advertising dollars…

Dr. Brian Wilkinson

Chattanooga Tennessee

I’m working with Webmarketing For Dentists for 2 years now. (…) It’s been fantastic working for Webmarketing For Dentists, Isaac and his entire team are beyond professional. Their engagement with both me and my staff has been nothing but fantastic. They take calls, offer feedback, respond to feedback. It’s been wonderful working with Webmarketing For Dentists this entire time. We started out with around 15 new patients per month and saw an almost immediate jump up to 25 new patients per month and quality new patients. Isaac actually came in at that point and offered some feedback and I was able to get the staff trained up a little bit and ever since then we’ve now been averaging around 45 new patients per month again quality new patients. It’s been wonderful working with them. (…) the return on investment is immediate within the first month and after that there’s nothing that growth behind it.

Dr. Zaruhi Shabazyan

Fresno, CA

I’ve reached out to them at a Dental Convention and was introduced by other surgeons and he was very happy with this company. So I’ve talked with the owner of the company. He was very pleasant, very knowledgeable. (…) I LOVE working with this marketing company. Over 2 and ½ year we have 34% growth of our gross revenues. We are doing more implants, more surgeries and full mouth rehabilitation and return on investment is fabulous. We get $10 back every dollar we spent so I am very happy that I am growing the practice in the direction I want to grow, doing more surgeries and working one day less a week while making more revenue. It’s amazing. I highly recommend WebMarketingForDentists to any dentist. If you want to grow your practice in the direction that is pleasing you. If you want to work with a professional who will guide you through every step then I would definitely give WebMarketingForDentists a try.

Dr. Cary N. Goldberg

Flossmoor, IL

…[Web Marketing for Dentists] attentive, they are responsive, they work with me on tweaking campaigns until they’re getting the results that we’re searching for, they have more than tripled the investment we have made in them. They are dental specialists, they know what they’re talking about, they have trial by trial and error to come up with the right thing, the right ads for us. We are very pleased with their services and recommend them highly.

Dr. Isaac V. Perle, DMD

Brick, NJ

It is my pleasure to recommend WebMarketingForDentists. I’ve been a client of David Herman for many years. I has always had honesty and integrity. He has always done everything to build my practice and taking initiative to do things without me prompting asking …

In terms of my results, I get about a 10:1 return on my investment. For every $1 I spend, I get $10 back…I think it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made, if not the best…Even in 2008 I had a 25% increase in my gross in practice and a 50% increase in my income…in 2009 it grew another 5% after that and I would say that 98% of that is because of David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. I became invisalign premium provider…95% or more of my patients come from the marketing through David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. I’ve also become one of the top providers, the top 10% in the country in BriteSmile and once again it’s through David [of Web Marketing for Dentists] efforts…

Honesty. Integrity. Efficiency and well worth the investment.

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