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Dental SEO

Dental SEO – Dominate Local Search

Wow your online audience and attract more of the patients YOU want to your dental practice.
Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must in today’s digitally attuned world. People go online for all sorts of reasons, but particularly to locate dental services near them.

This is where dental SEO is paramount.

What is Dental SEO?

The best way to understand the importance of dental search optimization is to ask yourself
this question: What will prospective patients in your service area find when searching for
[Your Specialty] + [Your City or Town] on Google?

If the answer makes you cringe, don’t worry. We can help you turn things around.

Dental SEO Marketing –
Too Important to Ignore

Having a strong web presence online is akin to the supreme value a full-scale yellow pages ad offered back in the day. Nothing works better to attract interested leads who are ready to make a buying decision.

Putting effort into dental SEO lets you rank organically in Google’s search results. Effective SEO also gets you found on popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo!

When someone searches Google for a dental professional in your town, they are greeted with two distinct types of search results. Paid ads are marked as such at the top of the page. Organic listings come next, and you want to be at the top of that list if you hope to be found.
If you haven’t been putting effort into Google organic search – or dental SEO – you’re not alone. Sadly, many dentists treat dental SEO like most patients treat dental flossing. Ask them how much they’ve done and there’s a lot of head nodding and eye-rolling, but the results leave much to be desired.

Dental SEO that gets the phone to ring and the waiting room bustling with a mix of both new and returning clients takes time and money. It takes around six to twelve months to bear fruit with dental search engine optimization, depending on the competitiveness of your market.

That’s where we come in. For over fifteen years, our dental marketing company has helped over two-thousand dental practices like yours achieve their goals by highlighting their offices online and delivering consistent messaging that lures in the ideal patient.

Have You Been Slacking
on Dental SEO?
Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

A Strong Web Presence – The Foundation for Online Lead Generation

Dental SEO first and foremost aims to give you the strongest web presence possible. The idea is to make your web presence so strong that prospects choose you above all others when presented with a choice.

A good starting point for dental SEO is with your Google My Business listing.

When someone searches for your business locally, three search engine rankings will appear along with a graphic of their locations on Google Maps. This section of the organic results is known as the 3-Pack.

As far as digital real estate goes, the 3-Pack is among the cream of the crop. Dental SEO experts aim to get their clients listed in this coveted section of Google search for a good reason. Get listed there and people may click your practice name without a second thought. Get listed below the 3-Pack or, worse, on the second or third page, and your business listing may never be viewed at all.

To be listed among those three highlighted businesses, your GMB needs to be outstanding.

Your GMB page is where you will list your NAP - Name, Address, and Phone number, as well as details about your business, such as the hours of operation. You are encouraged to add plenty of HD media to add a visual appeal to your practice location.

Another vitally important area on your GMB page for getting seen and discovered by new patients is Google’s five-star review system. Encourage all your patients to leave reviews on your GMB profile. The more stars you have beside your business listing, and the more reviews, the greater the chances new patients will choose your practice over any other.

Google My Business is important for SEO because some leads may convert directly from your Google listing. The ones who need additional information will visit your website.

An Intuitive Dental
Website Generates
Leads, Period.

It is at this stage that many dental offices fall short and end up losing prospects. Having a website is not enough. Having a good-looking website doesn’t cut it either. Dental website SEO best practices state that you must have a website that is fast, attractive, informative, and easy to navigate.

No pressure, right?
If your website is outdated, sparse on content, and difficult to use, you are losing online business .

Websites that work well for dental SEO are designed to be intuitive for an excellent user experience. Everything a visitor needs is a single click away.

Keep in mind that your website is the best way for new patients to become familiar with your office before stepping through your front door. This means you should also stock your site with images and videos. Give prospects the full picture of what to expect by making your practice their home for your dental services.

All the information needs to be clearly organized and easy to read on your dental website. Your home page should give a general rundown of your practice, the services you offer, and what sets you apart from other dental professionals in town.

Your site’s About Page, Services Page, and other pages like the FAQ and Contact should be written to make patients feel like a welcome addition to your dental family. This requires you to use language that resonates, infused with plenty of naturally sounding keywords of course.

In addition to crafting the right words, dental SEO requires that all content contain internal linking, backlinking, and alt-text. Search engines love content that makes your site easier to navigate for the end-user, and these elements help profoundly.

No matter how your site may look now. Once we’re able to convert your site into a dental SEO website, we’ll make sure your prospects receive a memorable experience, which is important for converting web traffic into loyal patients.

How do you improve
a dental website?


Effective dental SEO involves fresh content that is relevant and useful. Adding a blog to your site is one of the best ways to boost the results you receive from dental SEO.

Consistently published blogs have immense power. They make your audience more informed, and Google will have plenty of information to distribute to potential patients the more blogs you publish. Every topic you put out is another chance to show up early in the search results for a search engine user. Blogs are also perfect for social sharing, ensuring your message gets spread far and wide.

Dental SEO Keywords

Keyword Research is the backbone of dental SEO. Using AI-driven tools and time-honored techniques into the ways search engines operate, we can identify your audience and learn all sorts of things about them.

For instance, depending on the size of your market, we can pinpoint the geographical area that delivers the majority of your search traffic. We can determine where the largest pool of prospects is located, their ages and demographics, and the devices they use to access the internet.

We can also determine where your audience hangs out online. By using omnichannel marketing, we can reach your target audience via email, social media, and many other channels. This helps you cast a wide net, so few prospects slip through.

We can also determine the search terms people use to find services like yours online. Knowing this information allows us to sharpen the effectiveness of your campaigns and the targeting of your messaging, which is critical for online lead generation.
The goal of dental SEO is to convert online prospects to loyal dental patients. All the hard work into keyword research and fine-tuning your practice website will be for naught if your online presence isn’t working for you.

You’ll know dental SEO is working when you start getting more web submissions and/or phone calls. This is one of the hallmarks of a successful dental SEO campaign, but phone calls and office visits are not the end-all-be-all. Dental SEO services are only deemed to be successful when you achieve your practice goals and attain a return on your marketing investment.

Lead Generation Squared

How to measure SEO ROI for a dental practice

The success of a dental marketing campaign can be assessed by analyzing four key performance indicators (KPIs).

Keyword Rankings

This is the position and page your website ranks for within the search engines for each of your most important long-tail keywords, and the ways those rankings change over time.

Site Traffic

We not only look at the amount of traffic your website receives, but we are more interested in the quality and sources of
that traffic.

Online Reviews

This number should be growing with time. As a dental practice intent on putting out the best impression online, be sure and respond to every patient review your office receives.


In marketing terms, a conversion is the desired action you want a prospect to take. You’ll know dental SEO is working when you receive more form submissions, chatbot conversations, online bookings, and phone calls from the internet .

The best way to calculate your ROI for dental SEO is to calculate the patient lifetime value of all the patients you receive from your digital marketing efforts.

While many SEO companies give their clients flashy-looking reports sporting graphs and a litany of data, we prefer to be transparent and only work with verifiable results.

For your dental office, lead generation and converting those leads is the name of the game, and we aim to help you win.

More Cases,
Higher Revenue,
Boosted ROI

The value you gain by working with us does not stop the moment the phone rings or a visitor stops in. We know what to say to prospects when they call, and how to greet them when they step up to the front desk. Our experience in understanding the motivations of various types of dental patients helps us deliver a tailored message that works for your dental practice.

We don’t just help you gain new patients. Our focus is to help you lure in the patients you want most. You know, the coveted ideal patient, who pays on time and is pleasant to have seated in your dental chair.

Our goal is to help you fill up your caseload. Most of all, we want you to earn a healthy return on your marketing investment.
Dental SEO requires a team working diligently on your behalf. The right team understands the ins and outs of Google search and how to entice prospects on other search engines people may use. Keyword research is key, as is web design and optimization, link building, and the ability to craft adequate messaging that goes out across a myriad of channels. The end goal is to highlight your online visibilty and deliver messaging that delivers growth for your dental practice.

Web Marketing for Dentists has helped over two-thousand dental practices achieve their business goals for nearly two decades. Our specialty is in providing omnichannel marketing support and back-end assistance to help close the leads earned from the internet.

We want to help you make the best impression online. We can also improve your online reputation. By giving your web presence a dressing up, we give you a supreme advantage over your biggest competitors in town. 

What to Look for in an
SEO Company

How Much Does Dental SEO Cost?

Ah, brass tacks. We like how you think.

Since dental SEO is a customizable service, every dental office is treated in a unique manner. Ask two dentists, “What do you pay for dental SEO?” and you’re likely to get two separate answers.

Our dental SEO team needs to assess the size of your service area and the extent of your dental SEO efforts thus far. That can help us provide you with a detailed quote that encompasses all the work we do for your quantifiable results.

Ready to get started? Hop on a call with one of our founders to receive a no-obligation, free quote. Your dental practice SEO campaign is going to be stellar.

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