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Dental Marketing

We spent 15 years practicing
Dental Marketing, so you can practice dentistry... More profitably.
Web Marketing For Dentists

We are a performance-based, lead generation and lead management dental marketing consultancy.

We've spent $60 Million dollars marketing for over 2000  dental practices, and have tested 155,000 ads. Yes, we know how to buy dental ads and how to set up a dental marketing strategy to help you grow your dental practice. We know what it takes to generate dental leads. We know what needs to be said to dental patients. We know how to bridge the communication between the patient and the dental practice, understanding what the patient is looking for so that you can get more of the dental cases you want for your practice.
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Dental Marketing

Dental marketing means digital marketing applied to the dental industry to help dental practitioners and dental practice owners grow their dental practice while using all the potential of the internet across both web and social.

At Web Marketing For Dentists, we have one unique goal: bringing you  more of the patients you want for your dental practice. All of our services are aimed at providing you with dental patients at a lower cost per lead and higher profit margins.

Dental Implant Marketing

Our Dental Implant Marketing is focused on driving high quality new patients to your implant practice. Whether you're doing single dental implants, implant-supported dentures, All On 4 or any other full mouth restoration case involving missing teeth, we will have a proven campaign ready to start generating new patients for your practice. If implant patients are what your practice needs, don't hesitate, call us today.

Dental Ads (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is the fastest way for dentists to get potential patients to visit their site. When patients think about their dental needs and want to get more information or find a local dentist, then Google is where they go. Pay-Per-Click marketing allows your dental office to be featured on the results page of Google search and you only pay Google for people who click on your ad and visit your site (thus the term Pay Per Click!).

Dental SEO

Dental Search Engine Optimization, or Dental SEO, gets dentists positioned in the organic section of the Google results page. The organic listings are sometimes referred to as the “free” listings though that is a misnomer. SEO involves content creation for your dental website and setting up an entire content marketing strategy takes both time and money. Dental SEO usually takes at least 6 months to rank your site on keywords critical to your dental practice's new patient generation.

Dental Logo

A dental logo is the first impression you make on potential new patients. In order to create a great dental office logo, it's important you consider the message that will be sent out by this business symbol and what exactly customers can expect when they visit or work with your company in general. A trip down dentistry alley isn't always something most people look forward too; so having a stunning and professional brand identity could make all those nervous patients calm down and feel like they are in good hands.

Dental Websites

Dentists do a lot of aesthetic work. They care about looks, naturally. It’s therefore important that their website represents their dental work. We produce modern, bright dental websites for our clients built on the latest WordPress technology and displaying just as well in Chrome and Internet Explorer on your desktop as they do on Safari on your iphone.

Dental Chat & Answering

We always knew that chat on dental websites was powerful but we didn’t realize how powerful until we started to install it on our dentists’ websites and staff it ourselves 24/7. Suddenly, potential dental patients visiting the site who are unable to use the phone because of their environment (think cubicle workers or parents at home who don’t want to be overheard by the rest of the family) have started to interact and give their name, phone number and email to our chat agents. More leads and less work for your overloaded front desk!

Let's get you dental leads to grow your practice

Jump on a call with one of the our founders!
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