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A thank you to the very first of our 2000+ dentist clients and a commitment to high standards for all our current and future dentist clients.

David Herman


our clients are succeeding,

we know that we are too!

The Project

Web Marketing For Dentists started out as a project to help a friend who just happened to be a dentist. If he hadn’t been a dentist I guess that I would be writing about or right now. But he wasn’t a welder or an accountant, he was a dentist and that’s where this story starts...

The Response

It was 2004 and Dr. Perle asked me to help him get new patients for his dental practice by “doing some of that internet marketing stuff you do”. I approached this project with a great deal of trepidation. Dr Perle, or Izzy as I knew him, was a friend from my local community. I was used to working for large corporations in marketing: Procter & Gamble, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield were just some of my clients. Doing local marketing for a local business seemed, well, a little beneath me. I was doing national TV campaigns for global brands, not postcards for strip mall stores. Embarrassingly, my ego was very much in charge. But it also pushed me to impress my friend and Dr. Perle was so eager that it seemed like the only way to prove that “people don’t look for dentists online” (my phrase of warning to him) was to show him the lack of results that I presumed would follow.

The Stand

So I set up a simple website for his practice and started a Google AdWords campaign for him focused around his Brookline, MA practice. And then, truthfully, I forgot about it. Two months later he called me. I was nervous. I hadn’t checked on the campaign at all. Was he angry? Had he lost a lot of money? Would this end our friendship? I needn’t have worried. He was delighted.
“I’m making a lot of money out of that campaign you set up - I’m getting lots of new patients,” he said. “You worked for free and I have to start paying you!”.
“OK,” I said in a state of incredulous excitement, “you can pay me but I also need you to
introduce me to other dentists.” So he did - he paid and he introduced - and there is the genesis story of
Now a few things have changed over the years. For one, we stay focused on the websites, marketing and (most importantly) results we generate for our dentist clients on a daily basis. But many things have stayed the same: we know that people do look for dentists and dental services online in massive numbers; we still get excited about our clients’ success; and we still wait nervously for our new clients to say “I'm getting new patients, doing the procedures I like and making money."

The Last Phase

We strongly believe that we, as marketers, growth consultants and sales optimizers, must visibly take a back seat to our clients’ needs. We don’t just say that the client comes first, we make it clear in the way we work from the very start of our relationship that the client comes first. We walk the walk. Our clients need to get paid so that we can get paid.

Surprisingly, the benefits of this “client first” attitude accrue to our benefit as well as to our clients. Firstly, trust is built into the relationship at its inception. Secondly, we are always looking for opportunities to delight our clients so that we can relive that first moment when they say “It's working. I'm making money”. Finally, we have created relationships with our clients that are more durable than any I have known working for my blue-chip, global brand clients - our dentist clients are our focus, our partners and ultimately our friends.

And as if to prove this, after all this time, our very first client, Dr Perle in Brookline MA back in 2004 is still our client (even though he has relocated his practice to Brick NJ in the interim), a successful marketing partner and a long-lasting friend to boot.

David Herman
Chief Marketing Officer
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