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Where dental professionals will find the perfect marketing team to get more of their  ideal patients.

We are a strategically driven, digitally focused, brand building dental marketing agency focused on delivering the specific new patients each dentist wants to grow their ideal practice. We are responsible for generating measurable results for our globally based clients through our proven systems (or else we get fired).

David Herman - Founder & CMO


Meet the Experts

Our leadership team is comprised of experienced dental marketers who all have a strong combination of sharpness, culture, work capacity and vision.

Web marketing for dentists' leadership team


Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

David is Chief Marketing Officer for Web Marketing For Dentists. He received a Masters Degree in Language & Psycholinguistics from Cambridge University and spent 10 yeas making ads for big blue-chip business like Procter & Gamble, General Motors and Blue Cross Blue Shield with absolutely no idea if his marketing campaigns helped any of those companies in any way. It was soul-destroying but made his mother very proud and paid the bills. In 2004, David ran his first online marketing campaign for a dentist office in Boston. Since then David has worked with over 2000 general dentists and specialists in the USA, Canada and the UK and generates in excess of $30 million of production annually for his clients.
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Vice President of Business Development

Isaac is the Vice President of Business Development and Consulting for Web Marketing for Dentists. A graduate of the WhartonSchool at the University of Pennsylvania he is a seasoned strategy andmarketing consultant. Having advised clients ranging in size from Citigroup and Royal Bank of Canada to small local homebuilders and appliance manufacturers. Isaac has helped design incubators for Fortune 500’s to successfully spin off strategic assets, as well as helping small businesses restructure their businesses and reposition their offering to maximize growth potential. Over the last 7 years, Isaac has helped architect and lead a performance based dental marketing agency focused on helping dentists and their teams both generate and manage opportunities.
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Director of Client Services

Shoshana started working at WM4D in 2014 as an Account Manager, managing dentists' marketing campaigns and interfacing with the design and paid search departments.  She was promoted to Account Group Supervisor, managing the team of Account Managers, as well as IT and company initiatives.  She now serves as Director of Client Services, overseeing client strategy, managing the AM and SEO teams, and collaborating with the executive team on company and marketing initiatives.
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Director of Operations & Human Resources

Sori majored in Fine Arts in college. Her business background started with a mentor who was a unique business guru and taught her a lot of dos and some very inspirational don'ts. She has been with WM4D for nearly 10 years and has spent a good amount of time investing in hiring not only talented but dedicated employees. This is what she is most proud of.
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Director of IT

Miguel started his first IT job in 1994. Having worked at large corporations like Microsoft and Expedia, heading up IT at Web Marketing For Dentists was a breath of fresh air. Building and leading the IT team and structuring the development of our software is what drives me on a day to day basis.
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