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Invisalign Marketing

Let’s be clear: Digitally marketing this orthodontic wonder can bring your practice and your expansion goals into perfect alignment.
Right now, there could be hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective patients searching for a way to align their teeth without the use of metal braces. If you don’t currently offer Invisalign, or you do and few patients inquire about this amazing orthodontic technology, you owe it to yourself to keep reading. We can help you attract more patients in droves to fulfill your dreams of practice growth and expansion.

By becoming an Invisalign provider and leveraging the Invisalign brand through an effective digital marketing strategy, patients in your area will come to see you as the go-to dental professional to visit when they want straighter teeth faster and in a more discreet manner than metal braces can provide.

Co-Branding with Invisalign

One of the best ways to become the de facto Invisalign expert in your area is to co-brand your practice with the Invisalign brand.

Either get a new URL or create a subdomain on your current URL to add the brand name. For example, if your practice operates out of the Los Angeles area, ideally, you want prospects to see your brand first when they type into Google “Invisalign Los Angeles, CA.”

The goal is to show up in the 3-Pack for that term. The 3-Pack is the coveted section of digital real estate in the Google search results that shows the first three practices that have put effort into organic search engine optimization (SEO). That means you don’t have to pay Google for attention and clicks, unlike digital ads.

Your business can become prominent in the 3-Pack by claiming and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Google gives every business a free profile to dress up as they please. By putting effort into optimizing your GMB, you can show up first, or at least among the top three practices in your city, town, or county.

To optimize your GMB, make sure you mention Invisalign heavily and include information that sets you apart as an Invisalign provider. Don’t forget the rich media that highlights all the healthy patient smiles you have been able to provide after the clear plastic aligners have done their thing.

Take a look at the following 3-Pack for the Los Angeles area.
Notice how the third business on the list has Invisalign listed within their practice name. The business name also includes the keyword “Los Angeles” and includes the prestigious keyword “Specialists.”

Even though that practice is not first on the list and even though it doesn’t have as many Google reviews as the other business listings, patients have a good chance of choosing that practice first for their Invisalign needs.

If that dentist or orthodontist were working with us, we would put effort into securing far Google reviews. Having a healthy number of quality reviews is a sure way to attract more prospective patients to want to click through to your profile and learn more.

Patients who don’t convert from your GMB profile will often click through to your website. Here is where rebranding your website can deliver similar results.

If you don’t want to rebrand your practice or your website, you can create a mini-site with the URL or (you’ll need to talk to Align Technology about using their brand name in your URL), or something similar. Make sure the site includes all the information prospects may seek when deciding if Invisalign is right for their orthodontic needs.

When co-branding your GMB profile and website, make sure you do the same with your social media profiles, email address, and all other channels you may use to attract prospective patients. This is a powerful technique that gives you credibility and instant recognition as THE local Invisalign professional.

Website Invisalign Branding

When co-branding your website, or creating a dedicated mini-site, make sure you place information about Invisalign above the fold, so prospects don’t have to scroll to find what they need. By naming your practice after the Invisalign brand, prospects will expect to learn about that particular service first and foremost. Give them what they want with a banner at the top of your site complete with affordable pricing information.

Patients understand that orthodontic treatment is not necessarily cheap. Therefore, don’t be shy about placing the exact fee range for the aligner technology on your site.

Most Invisalign treatment options cost anywhere between $3,500 and $7,000, with a small down payment of around $750. This information is invaluable for keeping your services transparent while also filtering out all the patients who can’t afford your services at the moment. The ones who can afford Invisalign will remain on your site to become viable leads.

The above-the-fold content on your site should speak to prospects’ needs while offering a button that allows them to visit a dedicated page to learn more.
You can also send prospects to a dedicated landing page or squeeze page that lets you collect contact information for anyone interested in purchasing a set of these clear braces.

If you offer the services of a 3rd party lending service that makes paying for Invisalign even easier for the average patient, you'll want to include that information on your site as well. Instead of paying $750 down, a lender may offer payments as low as $99/month, which isn’t as much of a financial burden and could yield even more conversions, which is when leads become bona fide sales.

Since every audience is different, test various price points to determine which is the hottest attractor of Invisalign leads for your geographical area.
Once your website is decked out with Invisalign information, including fee ranges, add the same info to your social media channels. Once again, the ones who can’t afford Invisalign will keep scrolling when your social posts appear in their timelines. The ones who can afford your fees will sit up and pay attention, hopefully clicking through to learn more (in turn becoming viable leads).

An extra benefit of this strategy is that fewer people will call, ask about the price of Invisalign and then hang up. Your front office staff will thank you!

Photo and Video Testimonials of Smiling Invisalign Patients

By far the most powerful Invisalign marketing technique at your disposal is a testimonial from a happy patient.

 According to the Invisalign website, the align technology has a customer satisfaction rating of 94%. Put that statistic on your site. And, while you’re at it, show off your patients’ healthy smiles at every turn.

With selfies and FaceTime being so popular, convincing your happiest patients to take photos and videos of themselves showing off their beautifully straightened teeth should be a cinch.

Use those testimonials on your website and on your social media channels, which can often be enough to get prospects to pick up the phone or visit in person in the hopes of emulating those patients with their readjusted smiles.

When writing your website copy, optimizing your GMB, and developing social media posts, be sure to speak to prospects’ needs. Why do they choose Invisalign? They don’t want a mouth full of metal, for one. They like the concept of being able to remove the aligners to eat their favorite foods, and take braces-free photos, just to give two common examples.

Invisalign doesn’t need to be adjusted like braces. You get new trays as the orthodontic treatment progresses and brushing and flossing are a breeze when compared to having to navigate around metal brackets.

As far as objections are concerned, you can overcome these by listing the fees on your website and social posts, as we mentioned, and by showing off the beautiful smiles of your pleased patients. This can be enough to sway fence-sitters to choose your practice for their Invisalign needs.

Right now, you may have an objection of your own. You might be thinking, all of this sounds great, but who has the time to rebrand your site and perform all the digital marketing handiwork that can attract patients to your dental practice in droves?

Doctor, that’s what we’re here for. At Web Marketing for Dentists, we manage the digital marketing efforts so you can do what you do best: help people achieve more beautiful smiles.

Speak to Prospects' Needs and Overcome Invisalign Objections


How do I know if Invisalign digital marketing is right for me?

If you currently offer Invisalign or you’re considering adding this amazing orthodontic service to your current menu of dental treatments, these techniques will work wonders.

We have only mentioned organic SEO techniques so far. Search engine marketing (SEM), which implies digital advertising, could attract even more patients to your dental practice.

Our team at Web Marketing for Dentists can help you implement all of these techniques, in the background, so you don’t miss a step tending to all your new Invisalign patients.

How will I know if my Invisalign marketing efforts are working?

If you have ever worked with an SEO agency, you know how they love to send out fancy reports with graphs and complex figures, but those reports are sometimes hard to decipher. We can produce reports like that, but we prefer to deliver results.

 We use advanced phone tracking technology to show you the increase in calls coming into your practice from our SEO efforts.

You will see our efforts are working when the phone starts ringing and your waiting area fills up with Invisalign patients wanting to straighten their teeth with you as their service provider.

How much does Invisalign marketing cost?

There is no easy answer to this question. We take into account the size of your geographical area, the amount of marketing you have done in the past, and your practice goals to deliver a transparent quote that is free of hidden charges. We would love to discuss more with you during a one-on-one strategy call.

How do I get started with Invisalign marketing?

Click the button below to schedule a phone call with one of our founders. We look forward to helping your practice grow with the power of Invisalign digital marketing.

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