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TMJ Marketing
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Boost TMJ/TMD case numbers without
jaw-clenching frustration.

Have you attempted TMJ marketing in the past? Or maybe you've considered a lead generation campaign for TMJ disorder sufferers, and you don't know where to start. Many dentists find TMJ marketing to be a discouraging endeavor.

TMJ disorder may hurt but marketing the service to potential new patients doesn’t have to. All you need is some TMJ marketing advice.

As a TMJ marketer, you are responsible for educating patients on the temporomandibular joint, the role it plays, and the symptoms they might be experiencing and need relief from

Dental patients experiencing TMJ symptoms such as pain when they chew, earaches, and changes in their bite may not understand why they feel what they do. They turn to Google, and they search for their symptoms, and maybe their geographical area for localized help.

That's when you want your dental practice to show up at the top of the Google search engine results pages [SERP]. For that to happen, you either need to pay for Google Ads or invest time in trying to dominate local search with an organic SEO campaign.

Organic SEO is free, in that you don't have to pay Google to land a ranking, but optimizing for search is not easy, and takes time.

It can take up to six months for fruits to bear with a search engine optimization campaign, depending on the size and competitiveness of the area.
The key is to ensure patients know that you are the doctor in town to visit when TMJ discomfort sets in. Here is how you might go about doing just that.

Dominate Google Local Search for TMJ Treatment

Let's imagine a person has TMJ. They turn to Google. The pain has really set in and it’s hard to type, but the patient has conducted a search for "treatment for jaw pain in Austin, Texas."

The hope is that your practice will show up first if you are in fact a TMJ dentist in the city of Austin.

The top spot is the ideal position you want to be in as a TMJ marketer. But the top spot implies that you are listed in the 3-Pack, which is not easy to secure, particularly in competitive markets.
To secure the 3-Pack, which is the listing of three relevant professionals along with a map to their locations at the top of localized search results, you should start with your Google My Business page.

Google My Business –
Use TMJ Marketing Keywords

Your Google My Business profile is your best chance to show up in the 3-Pack of professionals in your area. This coveted section of search engine real estate is where Google users can see your office name, location on a map of the area, and the number of five-star reviews associated with your dental practice.

Securing that top spot requires optimization of your GMB profile. This is no small task. You must get into the minds of your consumers and identify what they want to know most. This requires research, and for you to know your target audience inside and out. Populate your profile with TMJ-related keywords, and information they can take away that positions you as a thought leader in the field of TMJ dentistry. The idea is for your local community to view your dental practice as the place to go for salvation from the many symptoms related to this debilitating condition.
An excellent way to market yourself as a TMJ specialist is to ensure potential new patients know it right away, at first glance. Get a "Doing Business As" in your city that is composed of a TMJ marketing keyword. Ensure your local area is mentioned. For example, if your digital marketing strategy is aimed at the Austin, Texas area, your DBA might be "TMJ Dentist in Austin TX.

You could then purchase a URL that drives traffic to your website with an address like

Even the second or third position in the 3-Pack can win the click war when you have TMJ included in your URL and your business name.

TMJ Marketing Tip:
Get a Local DBA

Configure Your Dental Website
to Highlight TMJ Marketing

You have options after securing a URL that is specific to TMJ marketing. You can drive traffic to a dedicated site that only discusses TMJ disorders and their treatments. Another option is to create a new landing page connected to your usual practice website. The goal of your website and all web pages dedicated to TMJ marketing is to get new patients to call, fill out a web form, or visit in person.

When it comes to the design of your website, every page should be attractive and intuitive to use. The UX (user experience) should offer a one-click-to-everything format. It is important to populate your website with TMJ marketing content. You can turn your website into a powerful marketing machine by developing content that educates and that is persuasive enough to get visitors to act.

Education is Key to
TMJ Marketing Success

You may know that TMJ marketing relies on extensive keyword research. You need to know what people are searching for in Google that will eventually drive them through your practice door.

However, listing keywords throughout your GMB page and website, and through social media, is not enough. The keywords must be delivered in such a way as to provide value to your targeted audience.

Make Dental Patients Feel Pain

No, this is not an invitation to stop using anesthesia before drilling. By ‘feel pain’ we are referring to echoing back the patients’ Pain Points. These are the dire issues your dental patients might be facing that would cause them to search for TMJ dentist + your geographical area at two-thirty in the morning on Google in search of relief from a locked jaw.

Whether they click on your GMB profile, your website URL, or they find you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the content should mention those pain points, along with information regarding solutions with effective treatments.

Lead generation is the name of the game. online marketing done the right way allows you to filter your lead generation efforts, so you only get the patients YOU want.

Want more TMJ patients? Focus on those pain points. List them on your GMB page, your website, and write about them in your blog. Post links to your blogs and curated content sourced from around the web discussing TMJ disorder on social media. Talk about the grinding of teeth, ear pain, shoulder pain, frequent headaches, and soreness of the facial muscles.

Talk about joint dysfunction, the grinding of teeth at night, and how your dental office is the solution to finding a better quality of life.
You want potential new patients nodding along when they read your GMB, website, blog, and social media. And you want them to pick up the phone or visit in person when it comes time to schedule an appointment.

Imagine this sort of marketing working on your behalf.
A GMB page that is fully fleshed out with all the information patients need to choose your dental practice
over all others.
A website that is friendly on the eyes and that highlights you as a TMJ dentist.
Social media posts and media that draw attention, and that spur your audience to act.
This is digital marketing at its finest, and that's all we do at Web Marketing for Dentists.

You Can Unlock This Powerful
TMJ Marketing Segment

All the advice you just learned can be applied right now to drive leads to your practice as dedicated TMJ patients. Becoming the go-to practice in your area is easier with a TMJ-specified DBA and marketing collateral that educates patients on temporomandibular joint disorders and the restorative treatments that provide patients with relief.

All it takes is putting the advice into action. But you're a dentist running a busy practice. You may not have time to conduct all the work necessary to drive quality leads your way using the power of digital marketing. That's where we can help.

At Web Marketing for Dentists, we have been helping dentists like you market services like treatments for temporomandibular joint disorder for
over fifteen years. We know how to identify the nuances that cause someone to come in for teeth cleaning versus someone who craves freedom
from TMJ pain.

Our team can analyze your geographical area to identify where your target audience tends to congregate online. Using an omnichannel approach, we can target your audience with TMJ-specific content that answers their questions, educates them on the personalized treatments you offer, and drives them to act on choosing your dental practice.


Is TMJ marketing worth the investment?

Yes! There is a small, but growing niche of patients seeking help with TMJ disorder. This is a fantastic opportunity to funnel a brand-new segment of your target market your way. TMJ patients often require advanced treatment, which means lucrative caseloads for the growth of your dental practice.

For dentists who are successful at helping patients live normal lives free of TMJ disorder, the payoffs are enormous. Being able to accumulate cases worth $1,300 to $6,200, depending on the treatment plan, and receiving enormous gratitude from patients, will make your TMJ marketing investment well worth the
effort indeed.
This graph doesn't come close to the true value of an effective TMJ digital marketing campaign. Here are some real numbers from campaigns we’ve run for TMJ dentists around the country.

A 5-mile, densely populated urban area in the United States gets 40,000 searches per month for TMJ-related disorders.

In smaller, more suburban areas where people are willing to drive up to 40 miles to get help for TMJ, we regularly see 20,000 searches per month for TMJ.

Those numbers do not include patients who might feel pain, or who have irregular bites, but they haven’t identified TMJ disorder as the diagnosis. These potential new patients may even be turned away from doctors who don't know how to treat them, and that's where you can swoop in and save the day.

How much does TMJ dental marketing cost?

The pricing of digital marketing services is not a simple matter and requires extensive research into your general area, the competitiveness of your local market, and the efforts you have spent so far in marketing your business online.

Once our team is given the green light, we will provide you with a list of fees that is transparent with zero hidden costs.

How do I know your dental marketing services are working?

Waiting for results from TMJ marketing when someone else does it can be just as frustrating as when you do it on your own. We understand. Whereas paid Google ads can bring you instant results if done right, organic SEO is a slow process. It can take up to six months to show results.

We don't send you fancy graphs and numbers you must decipher on your own. We deal in results, which means we are focused on quality leads that become long-term patients.

Being able to calculate the lifetime value of the patients you earn from your TMJ digital marketing campaigns will allow you to calculate your marketing ROI.

Building your practice is the end goal and choosing us for your TMJ marketing needs can help you do it.

How do I get started?

Schedule a call with one of our founders and we can start you on the path to earning the patients YOU Want with a TMJ marketing plan.

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