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Dental PPC Marketing

Attract an influx of new patients using the power of
digital ads without losing your scrubs in the process.
Hi, doctor. Are you looking to grow your dental practice this year, but don’t want to wait for an organic SEO campaign to bear fruit? Dental PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is definitely the way to go.

You may have heard about dental PPC. And like most dental professionals, up until now, you have been too nervous to dip your toes into the PPC waters, so to speak. It’s understandable. PPC can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t follow a set of key tactics and you don’t have experience with search engine marketing (SEM), otherwise referred to as PPC, you could quickly lose your shirt…er… scrubs. But don’t worry. We have you covered.

How Does Dental PPC Work?

Dental PPC is the fast and effective way to attract a healthy stream of leads (with unhealthy mouths) to your practice using the power of digital ads. Imagine ranking for a highly competitive phrase like “dentist near me” without having to wait months for an organic SEO campaign to become successful. You can make it happen, but you need guidance, and that’s where we come in.

While other SEO companies promise to help you gain traction in the PPC market, we are a 2022 Google Premier Partner. That means our team has extensive training in all aspects of  Google Advertising. We also stay abreast of Google’s latest changes, which means we can maximize your campaign results from day one. But it’s more than just knowledge of Google’s tools. We are completely invested in developing a sustainable marketing strategy for dentist clients that gives return on investment immediately so that, each month you spend money on Google Ads, you know that each dollar will be multiplied into new patient production. In fact, Google asked us to join their partner program back in 2016 precisely because our dental clients stayed with their Google Ads campaign 10 times longer than any other dentists!

If you want more website traffic, a significantly higher number of leads, and boosted conversion rates, keep reading. We’re going to show you how we help dentists like you grow their businesses one digital ad at a time.

Money Words with Buying Intent – Targeted Keyword Selection

To be successful with dental PPC, we start with targeted keyword selection. These are the words that comprise the queries prospective dental patients will type into Google to find a professional like you.
By engaging in extensive research using AI-powered tools and 18+ years of experience as PPC professionals working exclusively with dentists, we can uncover the “money keywords” that deliver leads to you in a flash. These include phrases like “Dentist near me” or “Best dental implant dentist,” just to provide two common examples.

Our goal is to find the highest converting keywords at the lowest possible cost per click, for the procedures that you love doing the most, allowing you to stretch your ad budget the furthest and get patients who need the treatments you enjoy and profit from. You get more “bang” for your buck that way, and we want your ads performing, not languishing online where no one will see them or delivering leads that are difficult to turn into new patients.

Stretch Your Ad Budget for a Positive ROI

The goal of PPC advertising isn’t to make Google richer; it’s to make your ad budget work for you. You only win at Google PPC when you are able to earn a return on your advertising investment. Your ROI – return on investment – is the greatest benchmark that measures PPC success.

Using data-driven research, we can recommend an ad budget that is prepped for higher conversions and assured ROI. The data we glean comes from hundreds of campaigns like yours, letting you know you’re in good hands before a single one of your ads sees the light of day.

A Dedicated Landing Page for Lead Guided Success

We see too many professionals throw their PPC dollars away by directing ad-based leads to their websites. Talk about a wasted opportunity! Imagine clicking an ad for dental implants only to be taken to the homepage of a website containing an entire menu of dental services. This only confuses leads, causing them to bounce, never to return again.

The superior technique is to design a dedicated landing page, where the headline and subject matter perfectly mesh with the ad that directed the lead there in the first place. This is known as a conversion-driven landing page, which keeps leads focused on the service they want most.

Ad Copywriting – The Secret to Generating Higher Conversions

PPC ads on any platform are powerful indicators of buyer intent. But more than that, ads allow you to get into the heads of your consumers and respond with the very services they want. The language you use is critical.

At Web Marketing for Dentists, we are able to draw on the data gleaned from hundreds of ads we have created for dental professionals around the country. We know the formula, the word choices, and the ad layouts that get prospective patients to stand up, take notice and click through to your web presence.
These aren’t cookie-cutter ad designs. Rather, they are ads that are tailored for your business and the services you wish to target to grow your practice from the bottom up.

Tracking, Testing, and Tweaking – A Method for Improving Your Ads Over Time

By using techniques like URL ad extensions with UTM parameters and sophisticated phone tracking technology, we can determine which prospects are responding to your ads, which keywords they were searching on and the very methods they use to contact your office. This is invaluable data we can use to sharpen your message and further target your prospective patients, giving you even greater value for your ad budget.

We then use A/B testing to determine which ad methods gain the most traction and utilize negative keywords to do away with false clicks. That means your ad budget continues working for you, and your ROI explodes, as you chip away at the ripe opportunities that exist in your geographical area.

In summary, dental PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is the best way to grow your practice quickly. Instead of waiting months for an organic search engine optimization campaign to flourish, you can put the power of search engine marketing or pay-per-click marketing in your corner to attract the leads you want NOW instead of later.

Ready to get started? Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you make the all-important decision to put a PPC campaign to work for your practice starting today.


Is dental PPC right for my practice?

If you want leads now, and you wish to grow your practice this year, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t have in place an effective PPC campaign. The answer is yes, PPC is right for you. Let us take your business higher with an ad campaign that helps you earn a return on your ad investment.

How do I begin a dental PPC campaign, exactly?

Once you decide to work with us and after a short strategic session discussing your marketing opportunities, we will put together a dental PPC campaign based on previous campaigns we’ve run for similar dentists, and research conducted on the Google Ads platform. This allows us to identify the search terms people are using right now in your geographical area to find dental professionals like you. You can then respond to buyer intent with precision-focused ads that deliver hot leads directly to your web presence.

How much of an increase in traffic does dental PPC produce?

The amount of traffic you can earn depends on the size and scope of your geographical area. The most exciting aspect of PPC ad research is that we can determine how many people are searching for your most lucrative services. We can then target those individuals with focused keywords that highlight buyer intent.

By the time the traffic arrives on your dedicated landing page from the ads we create for you, those individuals will be prepared to schedule an appointment. All you have to do is answer the phone when they call or smile and greet them when they show up at your office.

The short answer is that you could potentially yield thousands more hits to your website with an effective PPC ad campaign. That’s the kind of action we intend to deliver to your dental practice to facilitate practice growth.

What conversion rate increase can I expect from a dental PPC campaign?

Because PPC ads are positioned to respond to buyer intent, the leads you gain are ready to take action the moment they land on your landing page or website. When compared to SEO-based leads, PPC conversions are traditionally higher by default.

How many leads per month can I gain with dental PPC?

Our goal is to fill your dental chair up throughout the year with patients who want your most profitable services. How many patients is that? We have generated between 20 and 400 leads per month for our dentist clients. The number of leads you receive will depend on your budget, geography, the procedures you wish to target, and myriad other factors.

While that sounds like a massive difference in lead volume, consider this: Some offices are more than pleased with 20 extra leads per month while others crave mega numbers in the hundreds. Volume is not a guarantee of happiness. Our goal is to satisfy your lead generation requirements, no matter the number, and whether you want more dental implant patients, hygiene-based leads, or emergency dental patients. We’ll know we’ve done our job when your schedule is packed, and your practice experiences the growth you expect.

How much does dental PPC cost?

This is a tough question to answer. The fees you pay are based on the size of your geographical area and the number of PPC ads you want to put into play. To give you a better idea of how your ad budget translates into new patients, a $2,000 ad investment can yield up to 400 site visitors, 40 hot leads, and between 0 and 15 new patients.
Why the number zero? After the leads are delivered, the close rate is dependent on the actions of your office staff. If you never answer the phone or are unskilled at booking appointments, no amount of ad revenue will deliver the growth you expect.

On the other hand, if your office staff is responsive and confident at answering the phones, and used to giving satisfying answers to frequently asked questions, such as those related to booking and payments, you are far more likely to net the number of new patients you want.

You have to ask yourself: What would 15 new patients be worth to you? For one high-end practice, the ad budget might be $300k. Another practice may spend $2k in Google Ads to yield $65k the very first month the ads go live.

Nothing is guaranteed in digital advertising. But the more targeted your ads and the more training your staff receives, the sky’s the limit.

We would be happy to discuss the fees we charge and a predictive ad budget that aims to net you a return on your investment during a one-on-one call.

How do I get started?

When you want to harness the power of PPC dental marketing, click the button below to schedule a call with one of our founders. Just make sure you man the phones and have someone standing by to receive walk-ins. PPC ads are so powerful that you are assured fast delivery of the leads YOU want. Get started now to find out just how powerful PPC ads can be.

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