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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

How to use search engine optimization and SEM to grow your practice while transforming patients’ smiles!

The Beginnings of Your Search Presence – Google My Business (GMB) for Cosmetic Dentists

Right now, you could have hundreds, maybe thousands of patients searching for cosmetic dental procedures in your geographical area. They may be looking for dental implants, veneers, bridges, crowns, braces, and or the all-encompassing smile makeover. How do they find a practice like yours? They conduct a Google search by typing in keywords like “Dental Implants Near Me” or “Veneers in Austin Texas,” assuming you operate out of the Lonestar State’s capital.

When someone who comprises your target audience searches for a business like yours, you want your cosmetic dentistry practice to show up first or at least within the 3-Pack. This is the coveted area of the Google search results page (SERP) that shows the top businesses in the area. More specifically, these are the practices that have put the most effort into organic SEO, like so:
To appear in the 3-Pack, you need to claim and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile. GMB is a free business profile offered to all localized business owners. Notice how the GMB listings offer users – at a single glance – your business name, address, hours of operation, and a testimonial. You also get to show off your positive online reviews. The more 4- and 5- star online reviews your business has, the more eyeballs you will attract to your cosmetic dentistry practice listing.

On a side note, notice how two of the businesses have the keywords “Cosmetic Dentists” and “Cosmetic Dentistry” in their names. The first one also includes the area name “Austin.” This is a powerful digital marketing technique. If your listing doesn’t include those keywords, we recommend getting a DBA that allows you to put those keywords in your name on your GMB listing.

Visitors to your GMB can expand the listing to view more of your profile. This is where you will want to include general information about your practice and the cosmetic dentistry procedures you offer. Include language that sets you apart, like your education, experience, and testimonials from happy patients. Don’t forget the images and videos of smiling patients showing off your handiwork. Those smile transformations are sometimes enough to sway fence-sitters to choose your dentistry practice over the competition.

Your Cosmetic Dentistry Website – Show Off Those Reconfigured Smiles

The ideal situation will have potential patients converting directly from your GMB profile. That means they will call your office using the phone number provided (sometimes right from their mobile phones) or they can use the prompt to receive turn-by-turn directions to your office door using Google Maps.

Other prospects will click through to your website to conduct more research into the cosmetic dental treatments you provide. Here’s your chance to wow your audience with an attractive offering that is fast, intuitive, and that speaks to their needs.
Organic SEO has two primary components – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page refers to the efforts you conduct on your site. Your website needs to be fast, attractive, and easy to use. How does Google know if those boxes are ticked? Because people will want to spend more time on your site. The longer prospects linger, the better it is for SEO, and the higher your site will theoretically appear in the search results.

When someone visits your site, they are looking for information. Let’s say a person is looking for a smile makeover. They click through to your GMB to visit your site. You can capture the attention of these prospects by placing information about smile transformations above the fold, which means they shouldn’t have to scroll to learn more.

The rest of your site should include information that answers all questions while using important cosmetic dentistry keywords like dental implants, veneers, bridges, composites, inlays, and others. Do your best to educate and inform. As an aside, the more you educate your prospects, the less work you have to do when they visit your office to keep them in the loop about what you do and how your services can benefit them.

Off-Page SEO refers to efforts that are conducted outside of your site, such as other websites that point back to yours. These include your social media sites, and authoritative sites like educational platforms, such as where you received your dentistry degree. Try to form partnerships with other dental professionals in town and get them to link back to your site, which can also help with off-site SEO.

Blogs and Social Media Platforms – Content Marketing for Cosmetic Dentists

Once your website is optimized, consider adding a blog, if you haven’t done so already. The weblog or blog is an excellent digital marketing technique to further educate and inform your audience. Get a skilled copywriter to craft blog entries that speak to cosmetic dentistry prospects’ needs. Examples of attention-getting posts include those that ask the question “How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?” and “The Top Cosmetic Dentist Procedures to Completely Transform Your Smile.”

Long-form blog posts work most effectively. Those posts can then be shared on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Social media posts that aren’t blog-related can reference cosmetic dentistry fees and your menu of services. But the most powerful social media technique you have at your disposal is the patient testimonial. Get your satisfied patients to film themselves with a selfie or video hyping up your services. That can sometimes be enough to get social users to sit up and pay attention anywhere they happen to be, especially since most people browse social media using their mobile devices.

You can also implement email campaigns as outreach for prospects who join your email list. Include tips and advice while also advertising your most lucrative dental restorations.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Using Digital Ads to Attract Cosmetic Dentistry Patients

You can attract hundreds or thousands of potential patients to your cosmetic dentistry practice using organic SEO alone. Digital advertising can supercharge your lead generation techniques with precision-targeted messaging that speaks to prospects’ needs.

One of your ads might read, “Veneers as Low as $150 Per Month,” assuming you can offer that rate. Maybe you have a third-party lender in your office that makes monthly payments possible. Test various ads to determine which ones work best for your geographical area.
Platforms like Google Ads offer artificial-intelligence (AI) powered tools that let you know who in your area is searching for cosmetic treatments like yours, and how far people will travel to visit your dental practice, among other valuable information.

You will need to maintain an ad budget, but - ideally - your ads will yield a return on investment. That allows you to make your money back by calculating the average lifetime value of every individual you add to your patient base from your SEM efforts.

We have now covered SEO and SEM and how you can transform your cosmetic dentistry practice while simultaneously transforming the smiles of patients throughout your geographical area.
Other techniques you can use include partnering with gyms, salons, and other aesthetically-inclined businesses. While you're using email campaigns for prospects, send out emails to these types of businesses to get a partnership going. Or pick up the phone or visit in person to pitch the owners on your concepts of co-promotion. Get those businesses to link back to your website from theirs, which further boosts your offsite-SEO.

With these techniques, you can attract hundreds, maybe thousands of the leads YOU want. The question is, do you have time to put all this together? Probably not, since you’ll be busy running a busy practice once your results start rolling in.

Work with us, Web Marketing for Dentists, and we’ll make it easy to run your practice the way you see fit while we operate your SEO and SEM efforts in the background.


How do I know if cosmetic dentistry digital marketing will work for me?

If you offer cosmetic dentistry procedures, whether you’re a general dentist or a specialist, these techniques can work wonders to grow your practice as you expect. Imagine having an influx of leads calling and visiting your office. Most importantly, picture having all of those leads interested in your most profitable procedures like dental implants, veneers, and whole-mouth transformations. That’s what we can deliver to you.

How much does cosmetic dentist marketing cost?

The answer to this question is different for every professional. The fees you pay depend on the size of your geographical area, the cosmetic dentistry procedures you wish to target, your current marketing efforts, and your practice growth objectives.

We can assess your practice and your goals to deliver a transparent quote that is free of any hidden fees.

How will I know when my cosmetic dentistry marketing efforts are working?

While other SEO companies send out fancy reports with flashy graphs and complex numbers, we prefer to deliver actual results. We could send you reports like those, but we want the telephone ringing and your waiting area bustling with the kind of cosmetic patients YOU want. These are individuals who are in the market for your menu of services and who have insurance or otherwise the means to pay.

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