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Dental Marketing Strategies

Revolutionize Your Dental Practice with Our Proven Marketing Strategies and Watch Your Patient Base Skyrocket!

Doctor, we’re going to ask you to do something that might feel uncomfortable. Take a good look at your dental practice, and the digital marketing efforts you have used so far, and give yourself a grade.

Give your efforts an ‘A’ if attracting new leads has come easy. When locals search for dentistry online, does your practice come up first in the 3-Pack?

The 3-Pack is that section of valuable Google real-estate that lists the top professionals in any given field, and in a specific geographical area. When potential patients search “General dentist in Seattle, Washington,” for example, you want your Seattle practice to show up within those first three listings. Like so:
You would also get a top grade if people searching for a general dentist choose your practice when it comes time to pick up the phone and call. Those practices that receive all A’s have the phone ringing at all hours with new leads looking to fill their dental chair.

Lower grades leave a lot to be desired when it comes to a Google My Business profile that gives patients what they want. You would also have a low score if the patients you do get are not necessarily the ones you wish to keep. These are patients that ask for services you don’t like providing.

But as you may know, digital marketing goes beyond Google My Business. How is your general dentistry website? How are your social media profiles, email marketing, and pay-per-click ads (PPC)?

And still, even if all your digital marketing efforts are on point, you will still fall short of your goals if your office staff is unable to close the leads you earn from the internet.

After analyzing your practice’s digital profile, you may see areas where improvements can be made. Now, for the good news. There is always time to turn things around. General dental marketing can help.

General Dental Marketing –
Building a Strong Foundation

The first step in any dental marketing campaign is to set achievable goals, such as earning the leads YOU want most from your digital marketing efforts.

To earn those kinds of leads, you need to be in front of them, wherever they happen to be online.

Let’s begin with Google.

Google My Business

Google gives your business a chance to feature prominently before your audience. You might as well take the search engine up on their offer. Your business likely has a GMB page. If you have not claimed it, do so. If it’s not optimized, here are some pointers to help you improve GMB lead generation.

Completely fill out your profile page, leaving no spaces unfilled. That includes media like photographs and videos. That media is a chance for potential new patients to experience your dental practice without having to step through the door.

Your GMB needs to include your name, address, and office hours. Write a thoughtful description of your dental practice, mentioning those elements that make your business stand out.

Google My Business Reviews

Keep in mind that you could have a perfectly optimized GMB page and people will still pass you by without positive reviews. Send all your happy patients to your GMB page. The more 4 and 5-star reviews you have, the more local eyes you will attract to your online profile.

General Dentistry Website

Ideally, people visiting your GMB profile will convert from that page. They can either use the phone number and call or use Google Maps directions to visit your office personally.

Those who don’t convert immediately will click on your website URL to learn more.

A general dentistry website needs to be attractive and well-laid-out. Use your office brand colors and ensure the menu is laid out with a hierarchy based on patient needs.

For instance, patients visiting your office might visit your ‘home’ page. They want to learn more about your office, so they click the ‘about’ link in the menu. Then, the ‘services’ page, the ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) page, and ‘contact’ page. Your website may even have a ‘blog,’ which adds yet another menu item.

For your dental website to be successful, the layout and choices for information should be intuitive. Everything new and returning patients might need is laid out in a thoughtful manner, with the end goal of closing more online lead conversions.
Patients may click on any page, but every aspect of your website needs to have a purpose. Every paragraph needs to be written with descriptive and helpful language that guides the reader further down the page. The website content should point your audience toward a button, form, or phone number whenever possible to entice people to contact your office staff.
Your blog is another way to drive more traffic to your website. The more blogs you publish, the more information Google can spread around to your audience. Only publish blogs that offer value, and that leave readers with something to take away.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters sent out each month can keep your patients abreast of current events in your office, new special promotions, and services when you want to improve case numbers. Your newsletter can also drive traffic to your general dentistry website, as well as function as a billboard for every one of your blog posts.


PPC ads can eat into your ad budget if you aren’t cognizant of the ways of pay-per-click marketing. With a well-crafted dental marketing PPC campaign, however, you can drive targeted leads to your website, and ultimately to your practice. PPC done right is like turning on a fire hose of quality new leads.

If you can manage to close the leads you earn from PPC Marketing, the return on investment (ROI) makes this form of advertising an affordable and powerful marketing vehicle in the long run.

Closing Online Leads

Your office staff should be trained to respond positively to every lead that calls or visits your office. Scripts can help staff use the same greeting and answer frequently asked questions, as well as guide callers into an appointment.

A good tip to use is to give callers a choice of appointment times. Instead of asking if they would like to schedule, which invites a yes or no answer, offering multiple times gives callers an obvious choice. For example, your staff might tell a new caller, “I have a 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday or 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Which would you prefer?” A slight tweak in your staff’s phone habits like that can improve your close rates significantly when used consistently.

How General Dentists Can Improve Their Marketing

Get Specific
At Web Marketing for Dentists, we collaborate with dentists all over the country. The one issue we see with dentists struggling to make headway in their local digital markets is that they are too general.

It sounds obvious. “Yeah, I’m a general dentist. Of course I offer a general range of dental care services.”
Right. But what if you framed your practice another way, at least online? Just because you offer all those services doesn’t mean you can’t focus on one or two using digital marketing.

There are around 37 different procedure pages any general dentist can use. Targeting all those services isn’t really targeting at all.

While you do offer a valuable service all-around, having all those services is akin to a manufacturer having vertical product lines. Some are profitable and some…are not. Some you are good at producing and some are painful and prone to errors.

General dentistry marketing is no different. Think about all the services you offer to patients who have the privilege of sitting in your dental chair. Are there any dental treatments you love to perform? It’s a good bet the ones you love are also the ones you’re best at.
Focus on Profit
When trying to determine which one or few services to focus on digitally, consider the profit potential of each dentistry service. As you know, repairing a filling is not as rewarding as the placement of dental implants.

Here is another way to look at it with regard to profitability. The cost per lead (CPL) is virtually the same between a patient who needs a few cleanings a year and a filling filled or two; and one that requires a full-mouth restoration or extensive orthodontics.

Here’s another thing you may not have considered. Restorative dentistry and orthodontics offer more quality-of-life rewards to patients than cleanings and fillings could ever hope to provide. This level of patient satisfaction can improve your mood and your love of what you do.

The choice is clear. Pick out those dentistry services you offer that provide the most reward to your dental practice, profit and otherwise.

The smaller the procedure, the better. Here’s what that means.
Smaller Procedures
Small procedures are ones that offer profitability in a short amount of time. Urgent cases fall within this line. Urgent cases do well when used in digital marketing because pain is a tremendous motivator for patients. Urgent cases also have the potential to turn into larger, more profitable cases down the road.
Stand-Out with Your
Hours of Operation
Staying open on weekends and evenings and advertising those hours on your Google My Business page, will make you stand out among other dentists in town. In fact, this one change can reduce your competitive environment by 95%! This tactic works because you’re changing your hours to the ones patients prefer.

And that is the crux of general digital marketing. In addition to being in front of your target audience, you need to give potential patients what they want during every step of the prospect’s journey. From the moment a prospect considers choosing you for dental treatment online, you need to deliver information-rich, thought-provoking, and persuasive content that spurs a person to call or visit for quality dentistry.

Are you ready to transform your digital efforts with a marketing strategy that delivers real results? And are you ready to grow your practice once and for all?

Keep reading to learn more about working with Web Marketing for Dentists.


How can I promote my dental service

Boost your dental service's reach with targeted Google ads, engaging website content, and community involvement for an unbeatable brand image.

How can a dentist get more customers?

Attract new patients and keep your practice thriving by using Dental SEO strategies, Dental PPC, and Google listing optimization to gain a loyal following.

How do I create a dental marketing plan?

Create a winning dental marketing plan by analyzing your competition, setting clear goals, identifying your target audience, and utilizing a mix of SEO and PPC tactics.

Why is dental marketing important?

Dental marketing can help you stand out in a crowded market, build trust with potential patients, and increase revenue with effective advertising and patient retention strategies.

What is digital marketing for dentists?

Digital marketing for dentists involves leveraging technology to reach potential patients through SEO, PPC ads, social media, and website optimization for a seamless online experience.

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