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Full Arch Implant Marketing

Full Arch Implant Marketing – Offering permanence
and comfort can bolster your dental practice.

Full arch implants represent a thrilling opportunity for dentists to expand their offerings into new segments of the marketplace.

Over 40 million Americans currently wear dentures, an outdated technology that comes with quite a few negatives, let’s be honest. Bone resorption, slippage, and irritation are only some complaints dental professionals often hear from their denture-wearing patients.

Not to say that dentures are bad. They still have a place in the marketplace, but full arch implants are superior, and your patients should know about this amazing advance in dental implant technology.

Let’s compare the two. Keep in mind, this information is excellent for adding to your full arch implant marketing collateral. You can categorize the benefits of full arches by using the benefits of stability, comfort, durability, and the strength of the jawbone.

Dental Implant Marketing BenefitS

#1: Stability
When writing blog posts, white papers, and other collateral, focus on the stability of full arch implants. You can do this by first illustrating the inferiority of dentures, which sit on the gums and require adhesive to remain in place. Hardly ideal when a fierce sneeze or raucous laughter can cause them to land in your soup.

Full arches, your patients would love to know, are solidified in place with a number of strong anchors made of biocompatible titanium. Sure, some patients prefer a removable option. Dentures are easier to clean, and they’re perfect for those afraid of commitment.

Full arches remain in place, no matter what, and represent the closest technology we have to replicate real-life human teeth. Strong, beautiful, and natural in appearance, full-arch implants represent the future of dentistry.

And, for those patients who do want removable options, we have snap-on full arch implants for denture wearers who want to preserve their gums and jawbone.
#2: Comfort
When marketing full arch implants to your target audience, focus on how they feel. Like we did with stability, we want to enforce how dentures can wear away the gum line and the bone underneath. If the dentures fit poorly, irritation can set in. Then there’s the pinched look that often accompanies denture wearing, which leads to the person feeling less comfortable in their own skin.
#3: Strength of the Jawbone
Make sure you relay to your audience the detriment of wearing dentures over the long term, which is the deterioration of healthy mouth tissues. The dentures sit on the gums, which can wear down the tissue over time. Furthermore, the jawbone, without adequate pressure caused by natural teeth in the process of chewing, can begin to resorb with denture wearing. 

Full arch implants provide the counterpressure healthy gums and jawbone need to remain in place. That leads us to the greatest benefit of all, jawbone strength.

All of these benefits can be used to get your audience excited about choosing full arch implants or trading their dentures for an all-on-X implant solution.
#4: Set and Forget
Another benefit that helps with full-arch implant marketing is the ability to forget about your teeth entirely. Once the arches are firmly set in place, they look and act like your natural teeth. You even brush them like natural teeth.

The same cannot be said for dentures. Your audience should know that dentures require special glue, which can be quite noxious. When it works, it sometimes does too well, making the false teeth difficult to remove at the end of the day.
#5: Cost Value
Yet another benefit is the ability of patients to receive supreme value from the investment into their full-arch treatment. A removable denture could set your patients back $1K to $5K per arch.

For a slightly greater investment, your patients get all of the benefits we discussed, representing transformative value, for relatively little money.

We’re talking $3K to $10K for implant-supported (snap-on) dentures, and $20K to $35K for all-on-X (4,6, or 8 implants). By giving patients a choice, you can appeal to any budget and still do better than the dentures-on-gums option, which is less than ideal.
In other words, their future health and happiness are linked to their ability to get implants ASAP, particularly if they currently wear dentures.

Is Full-Arch Implant Marketing Right for You?

Dental implant searches have risen 100% since 2010. All-on-four implant searches have increased by 300%!

You can capture the attention of those searchers by understanding who they are and what they want.

Dental implants appeal to a specific segment of the population. Implant patients tend to be older, and often with enough financial stability to afford a more permanent solution to lost or missing teeth.
Implant-supported (Snap-On) dentures
Full arch restorations (all-on-four or other fixed full-arch solutions)
It’s common to segment your audience into distinct groups, such as those who want single implants as opposed to the all-on-four full-arch implants. These groups can be targeted with tailored content that answers their questions and entices them to pick up the phone.

To generate leads in this manner, you must go to where your audience resides online. Market research can give you this information, letting you focus on the channels that will deliver your content into the right hands. Your audience might use Google to find information about dental implants, or may frequent Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where they are more open to educating themselves.

Once you know the proper channels to target, you need content if you hope to become the go-to implant dentist in your area.

How to Market Full Arch Implants
to Your Dental Audience

You now have plenty of fodder for how to market full arch implants to dental patients, but where do you begin? Start with your Google My Business profile.
Google My Business
When someone searches for your dental practice, they may do so using your specialty and geographical area. For example, they might type into Google “Full Arch Implants in Austin, Texas”.

Your hope is that your practice will show up on the first page of the search results. More specifically, you want to be listed in the 3-Pack, which is a collection of the three professionals who have put effort into search engine optimization.
There are two ways to get on the first page of the Google search results pages [SERP]. You can pay for ads, which are clearly marked. Then there are the 3-Pack and the rest of the organic results. Getting listed in the 3-Pack requires you to optimize your Google My Business page.

All professionals have access to a GMB page. You likely have one, which allows you to list your dental practice name, hours of operation, and information about your dental services. Photographs and videos can also be added, which allows new patients to meet your staff and see what your practice looks like inside and outside without having to visit.

To optimize your GMB profile, fill in every spot available, including plenty of HD images and videos. Include long-tail keywords for the services you want to optimize for. In this case, you might use full-arch implant, full-arch implants, and full-arch dental implants, for example. Keyword research is required to determine which long-tails will get the most response from your local audience.
5-Star Reviews Including Full-Arch Cases
Dental patients are more apt to choose the dentist in the 3-Pack that has the highest number of 4 and 5-star reviews. Having 856 reviews with an average of 3.5 stars will not be preferred over 43 reviews at 4.9 stars.

An occasional lower-ranked review is not the end of the world, as long as you respond to those individuals and try to resolve their complaints. People reading reviews like to know that you are responsive and sensitive to your patients’ needs.

Get in the habit of sending your happiest patients to your Google My Business page for the purpose of leaving a review. Full arch implant reviews are important if you want more cases in that particular field.
Use Your Dental Website to Generate Full-Arch Implant Patients
In an ideal world, the leads you earn from Google will convert directly from your GMB profile. That means they will either pick up the phone and call or use GPS directions to visit your office in person.

Patients that don’t convert are likely to click through to your dental website. Here is where many dentists drop the ball when it comes to marketing services like full-arch implants. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

The best dental websites are friendly on the eyes and intuitive with regard to UX (user experience). Everything a visitor might want is a click or two away. Visitors should not have to think. They find what they need and convert.

For your website to be successful, list full arch implants on your home page. List the benefits and a button where they can click-through to a full page where they can learn more about this amazing permanent denture solution.

The idea is to become a thought leader. Blogs added to your website that inform, educate, and entice readers to choose your dental practice over all others can further boost your lead generation efforts.

The goal of your website is to have people call, fill out a form, or visit to schedule an appointment, preferably to be fitted for full arch implants. By marketing with full arches in mind, you can direct the ideal patients to call, improving the quality of the leads you generate.
Testimonial Videos are Powerful for Marketing Implant Dentistry
Videos are hot, and full arch implant marketing videos can be a game-changer. Don’t worry, the videos don’t have to contain you specifically. The best content videos for this type of service are the ones made by patients themselves.

Many people already film themselves for TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now is their chance to show off their terrific smiles in a testimonial video that can be shared on social media for all to see. When you get rave reviews directly from a person’s mouth, and future patients can see the amazing teeth being used to convey the message, you have an amazing marketing technique that requires little work on your behalf.

Are You Ready to Implement These Ideas Right Now?

If you are like most dentists we work with, you like these ideas but lack the time to implement them. Are we warm? If so, you are definitely not alone, doctor.

Web Marketing for Dentists has been helping dental professionals grow their practices for over fifteen years. From organic and paid marketing to helping dental offices close the leads they receive, we offer omnichannel marketing, full-service support, and we always remain in your corner. Our aim is to help you earn the kinds of patients you want, and we have your success in mind.


How do you know when your full arch implant marketing is working?

Paid ads are a quick way to get onto the first page of Google. Organic SEO, on the other hand, is a slow burn. It can take three to six months for a search optimization campaign to bear fruit, depending on the size and competitiveness of the geographical area.
But how will you know the SEO efforts are working?

SEO companies are notorious for sending clients monthly reports with fancy graphs and numbers galore, but it’s often hazy what all that information means. You’re a dentist running a busy practice. You don’t have time to decipher SEO gobbledygook. We work differently.

Web Marketing for Dentists focuses on results. Our goal is to get the phone ringing and lobby bustling with quality patients you prefer. These are loyal patients that offer long-term value and stability to your dental practice.

We track numbers of incoming new patient leads but, more importantly, we track how many of them turn into treatment plans and production.

How much does full arch implant marketing cost?

There is no set cost for marketing dental services such as full-arch implants. Determining the fees involved with such a venture will require research into your dental practice, the digital marketing efforts you have put into place thus far, and the size of your geographical area. Once we have this information, our team can give you an accurate cost, free of hidden charges or surprises of any kind.

What do I need to do to get started marketing full arch implants to patients in my area?

Whether your practice wishes to help patients replace or upsell dentures by offering implant-supported solutions like full arch implants, schedule a quick call with one of our founders. Click the button below to
get started.

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