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Leads Per Month
Return On Investment within Three Months
Local Search for Dental Services Per Month Nationwide
MILLION Earned for our Clients

Full Service Dental Marketing Solutions

Think of us as your all around Marketing Machine! Our team is at your side for the entire process, from creating the perfect ad to coaching your dentistry staff.

Customized Consultant Approach

There is no successful “1 size fits all” dental marketing strategy model, which is why every campaign we run is designed to fit your specific needs.

Responsive Web Design

We build your dental practice a responsive website that are made to engage and execute your strategy.

Paid and Organic Growth

Our PPC and SEO strategies give your practice an immediate boost, by bringing you the  patients that are looking for the services you provide.

Video Production for Dentists

A specialized HD video service includes HD production, editing and more all designed to increase the conversion of website visitors.

Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful tool to communicate and connect with current patients and makes your practice accessible to countless potential patients.


Marketing with the highest Return on Investment

Marketing should make you more money than it costs to run. Period.
The only time you get stuck in an unprofitable marketing campaign is when you can’t measure the results properly. And, thankfully, we care about your results as much as you do.
Why do we care? Because…

  1. we are ethical and we like to go to bed each night with the sense that we are doing good as well as making profit. (Yes, we are very holy beings!) But also….
  2. we actually get new clients from performing well for you! (See our testimonials where your colleagues become our best salespeople!)

Many of our dentists know instantly if our campaign is making them money, but most of them rely on us to help them work it out. No problem! Our call recording analytics, cost per lead statistics and new patient source verification process help to reassure you that your money is being well spent. And if it’s not, we fix it or you fire us. It’s that simple. Our 30-day notice period means the pressure is always on us to make your marketing perform. And that’s the way it should be.

Web Marketing For Dentists is Google’s Premier Partner for Dentists


The clients and procedures you are looking for


Bring in the clients that want your service


Speaking to the needs of the customers


At Web Marketing For Dentists, we know that most of your day in a dental office needs to be spent actually helping people solve their dental problems. So we created a program that needs minimal input from you and your staff. No worries, we’ve got you covered.


easy to start bottom line


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing gets you on the first page of Google search results immediately. Which means that, with the right keywords, well-written ads and high conversion landing pages, you start getting leads from day 1.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a number of activities that, over time, convince Google that your site deserves to be positioned in the organic (unpaid) listings on the Google search engine results page.

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