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Senior Account Manager

Whit and Dentistry

Dentistry is important because it is often the canary in the coal mine of your overall health. My grandfather found out he had leukemia from his visit with his dentist. We often take our teeth for granted, but similarly to our hands, they help us experience the world in a very vibrant and meaningful way.

Whit's Personality

When not at work, Whit enjoys tending to his garden, making great meals, and playing music.

Whit in 2 words

"Present and Collaborative"

Whit's favorite quote

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time. - Henry Ford"

Whit's Bio

Whit is a creative and results driven marketer with 5+ years experience in the digital advertising and marketing space. Whit comes from a background in both automotive and higher education marketing, bridging the gap between product and service marketing solutions. On the creative side, he holds a Master in Music Performance from the University of Minnesota. On the marketing side, he holds Google and Facebook certifications.

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