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Full Stack Developer

Geo and Dentistry

Dentistry is important, it makes me confidently handsome with a smile. I had my first root canal 3yrs ago and it was my best decision ever about my dentistry problem.

Geo's Personality

I am a funny person, I always make my wife and daughter laugh. I wash plates/dishes during my break time at work like usually 3 am. Hahaha. I have a long patience but short temper if I did not get enough sleep for a day. I love exploring new things especially if it improves my skills and knowledge and I can use it in my work. I love watching movies, US tv series and animes, reading mangas and just recently I discovered manhwa which are so awesome. My boring fact about me is that I download movies but I don’t watch them (hahaha). They’re just some big chunks of space in my hard drive..

Geo in 2 words

"Husband, Father"

Geo's favorite quote

""Why so serious?" - The Dark Knight, 2008"

Geo's Bio

Geophy graduated from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a major in Network Administration

His first encounter with WordPress was in 2012. He fell in love with it and it grew deeper when he joined Web Marketing for Dentists in 2013 . Since then he has been improving his skills and knowledge, learning new trends, and exerting more effort than ever before to accomplish all the tasks and requirements.

In his spare time Geophy builds websites for his friends and assists them in their security and maintenance.

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