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David and Dentistry

Flossing was never part of my routine. This changed a few years ago when my gums started aching, and a dentist told me that I should floss on a daily basis. It's been smooth sailing ever since!

David's Personality

I'm an avid photographer, and can never get enough of sunsets and sceneries. Luckily Miami doesn't lack in spectacular sunsets. However, I'm not so interested in taking photos that can essentially be found in Google Images or Instagram, with a two second search. Originality is everything to me, and there's no better feeling than when you know you created something that didn't exist before. Ultimately, that's what truly inspires me.

David in 2 words


David's favorite quote

"I think, therefore I am - Descartes"

David's Bio

David earned his BA in Communications and MA in Political Science from IDC Herzliya. He Worked at DocuSign as a Sales Representative, where he hosted webinars in French, for 500+ attendees. After moving to the US, David worked at a small marketing startup for 6 months after which he joined a software company. There he lead the digital marketing efforts for almost 2 years, and managed over $2M in marketing budget. During this time, the ARR (annual recurring revenue) grew by $6M and the user-base by 7000+ new users.

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