Dr. Stan Frohlinger

Dr. Stan Frolinger – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This is Stan Frolinger from Fort Lauderdale. I’m calling in regard to Web Marketing for Dentists, which has been a phenomenal program. I’ve been involved through David Herman who is directing it. I’ve tried multiple ways of advertising in the past through yellow pages or newspaper ads; nothing has been as effective as this program. I have a constant flow of new patients; they’re not just any new patients, they’re fee for service patients for the most part and don’t go the way of HMO’s or PPO’s to try and bring in new patients – THIS is the way to go. Its money well spent and you won’t be disappointed. David Herman seems to know exactly what he’s doing and we’ve been busy even in spite of the economic downturn, this program has kept our office constantly busy. Try it.

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