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Where dental professionals will find the perfect marketing team to get more of their  ideal patients.

We are a strategically driven, digitally focused, brand building dental marketing agency focused on delivering the specific new patients each dentist wants to grow their ideal practice. We are responsible for generating measurable results for our globally based clients through our proven systems (or else we get fired).

David Herman - Founder & CMO


Meet the Experts

Our leadership team is comprised of experienced dental marketers who all have a strong combination of sharpness, culture, work capacity and vision.

Web marketing for dentists' leadership team


Full Stack Developer

Daryl has been in the IT industry for about 9 years, although he was also engaged in a related area of work before joining the industry. He was an IT instructor at an International IT School wherein he was appointed the youngest Academic Head and worked with amazing IT instructors. The talents he contributes to the WM4D team is having a good knowledge in web backend allowing him to contribute in web development as well as resolving backend web issues as they arise. Daryl has won numerous hackathon and IT ch
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Full Stack Developer

Jeff graduated in Computer Science and has been in the industry for almost a decade. His education however didn't end there. As he always says, there is always more to learn and the technology keeps evolving over time.. its a never ending learning process. Since joining WM4D he has become very familiar with the intricacies of web development. He has gained tremendous insight into working in a professional capacity.
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Full Stack Developer

In her role at WM4D, Thesa's focus is on production of websites for clients. She helps the team develop standards in making product development faster and more streamlined.
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Full Stack Developer

Jahid completed his bachelor degree under the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Leading University, Sylhet. His first coding experience was with the strongest programming language c, c++ (this was in his early university days). Later in his studies he had to change his focus to topics like Electronic, Robotics, Networking and so on. His best project was “Speed Control of Induction Motor using Cycloconverter”. He successfully completed that project as a group leader and was proud that it was published in an international journal. Jahid started his job career in 2016 and tried a variety of jobs which included content writer, interpreting, virtual assistant as well as forex & crypto currency trading.  After 2 years Jahid decided to continue developing his coding skills and has worked with vue.js, react.js, angular, node.js, Laravel & WordPress. "My life's journey wasn't so smooth but I was always determined, passionate and confident."
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