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Where dental professionals will find the perfect marketing team to get more of their  ideal patients.

We are a strategically driven, digitally focused, brand building dental marketing agency focused on delivering the specific new patients each dentist wants to grow their ideal practice. We are responsible for generating measurable results for our globally based clients through our proven systems (or else we get fired).

David Herman - Founder & CMO


Meet the Experts

Our leadership team is comprised of experienced dental marketers who all have a strong combination of sharpness, culture, work capacity and vision.

Web marketing for dentists' leadership team


Full Stack Developer

By training, Francis is licensed to practice as an eye doctor by the Nigerian Optometric Association having completed his 6- year degree program in Optometry. He found however, that he was interested in technology and has since switched careers. With over 5 years in the IT industry, he has become a seasoned developer with a quest to achieve more. "Did I mention that I won "Best in Chemistry" and competed in national math competitions in my early days? :) "
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Full Stack Developer

Arinze received his his in Computer science from the National Open University of Nigeria. He is a full stack developer with over 6 years experience. He prides himself in his debugging skills and web development experience. He is most proud of auditing micro-service.
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Full Stack Developer

Geophy's first encounter with Wordpress was in 2012. He fell in love with it and it grew deeper when he joined WM4D in 2013 . Since then he has been improving his skills and knowledge, learning new trends, and exerting more effort than ever before to accomplish all the tasks and requirements.
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Graphic Designer & Full Stack Developer

Kris studied IT at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (formerly MUST). During her years in college she would gravitate towards illustration and design - helping the Student Council with designing posters, banners, etc. After graduating college she was quite fortunate to land a job in Web Marketing For Dentists. She worked with Web Marketing For Dentists for over a year and a half. She felt however that she needed to gain more experience in design and found a job at a local ad agency where she worked for a little over two years. Working under the wing of an experienced and sought-after senior designer in her town allowed her to grow her knowledge with regards to design. She was happy to rejoin Web Marketing For Dentists. When the opportunity came, she did not think twice. She now finds that the balance that she needed with the type of work that she wanted was here with Web Marketing For Dentists, having the opportunity to design and build websites while at the same time also helping bridge patients and dentists, "I find it pretty rewarding". :)
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Full Stack Developer

Han graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing Management from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. She later earned her Diploma in Computer Studies with a Major in Computer Science from Informatics Computer Institute – Cagayan de Oro Center. She has over 5 Years experience in Web Development working with Web Marketing for Dentists. This includes WordPress using HTML, CSS and graphics and designing ads. She provides basic troubleshooting steps, technical support and instructions if the team experiences problems.
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