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Marketing with the highest Return on Investment

Marketing should make you more money than it costs to run. Period.
The only time you get stuck in an unprofitable marketing campaign is when you can’t measure the results properly. And, thankfully, we care about your results as much as you do.
Why do we care? Because…

  1. we are ethical and we like to go to bed each night with the sense that we are doing good as well as making profit. (Yes, we are very holy beings!) But also….
  2. we actually get new clients from performing well for you! (See our testimonials where your colleagues become our best salespeople!)

Many of our dentists know instantly if our campaign is making them money, but most of them rely on us to help them work it out. No problem! Our call recording analytics, cost per lead statistics and new patient source verification process help to reassure you that your money is being well spent. And if it’s not, we fix it or you fire us. It’s that simple. Our 30-day notice period means the pressure is always on us to make your marketing perform. And that’s the way it should be.


The clients and procedures you are looking for


Bring in the clients that want your service


Speaking to the needs of the customers


At Web Marketing For Dentists, we know that most of your day in a dental office needs to be spent actually helping people solve their dental problems. So we created a program that needs minimal input from you and your staff. No worries, we’ve got you covered.



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing gets you on the first page of Google search results immediately. Which means that, with the right keywords, well-written ads and high conversion landing pages, you start getting leads from day 1.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a number of activities that, over time, convince Google that your site deserves to be positioned in the organic (unpaid) listings on the Google search engine results page.


All our services are aimed at providing you with more new patients at a lower cost per lead and higher profit margins than ever before. We specialize in finding potential customers looking for dental services on the Internet, driving them to your site and getting them to contact you for an appointment.
The above services are mixed and matched according to the particular dentist office that we’re working with. Each one is slightly different in terms of their needs. Please call us to discuss a combination that fits your practice and budget on 1-(877)-661-5825

Dentist Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click is the fastest way for dentists to get potential patients to visit their site. When patients think about their dental needs and want to get more information or find a local dentist, then Google is where they go. Pay-Per-Click marketing allows your dental office to be featured on the results page of Google search and you only pay Google for people who click on your ad and visit your site (thus the term Pay Per Click!).Learn More

Dentist SEO

Dental Search Engine Optimization, or Dental SEO, gets dentists positioned in the organic section of the Google results page. The organic listings are sometimes referred to as the “free” listings though that is a misnomer as it often takes a lot of time, knowledge and attention to get proper rankings which most people pay for. Learn More

24/7 Dental Staff Chat

We always knew that fully staffed chat on websites was powerful but we didn’t realize how powerful until we started to install it on our dentists’ sites. Suddenly, visitors to the site who are not able to use the phone because of their environment (think cubicle workers or mothers at home who don’t want to be overheard by the rest of the family) started to interact and give their name, phone number/email and the dental procedure they are interested in.Learn More

Dental Answering Service

A dental office is a busy place. Few dentists pick up the phone and office staff are also overloaded. For existing patients, going to voicemail is ok, but new patients just hang up and dial your competitors. A quick pick-up by someone is far more valuable than a later callback from the dentist himself. Well, if you got calls, we got a bunch of someones to answer them.Learn More

Website Development

Dentists do a lot of aesthetic work. They care about looks, naturally. So it’s important that their website represents like their dental work does. We produce modern, bright dental websites for our clients built on the latest WordPress technology and showing just as well in Chrome and Internet Explorer on your desktop as they do on Safari on your iphone. Learn More

Landing Page Optimization

Dental landing pages are the web pages that visitors get sent to when they first hit your website. Often the landing page is the home page but smart marketers will send visitors to the right page for them based on their search (why would you send someone who searched on “root canal” anywhere except the root canal page!). A landing page does its job when it converts the visitor into a lead by generating a form completion, chat or phone call. Learn More

Email & Phone Call Tracking

Tracking leads is vital for all dental marketing and, thankfully, it’s pretty easy to do so online. Some dental leads are better than others, and that starts with the kind of procedure that a lead is looking for. The procedure is a key piece of information that we provide for all our leads. It’s a field that is auto-completed by a cookie for our online forms, is filled in by our 24-7 chat staff or is noted by our call scorers when they listen to your incoming calls. Learn More

Monthly Marketing ROI Analysis

No-one likes to invest and see a small or negligible return on that investment. It’s no different for your marketing. We provide you with all the data we have to be able to help you quantify the return on your marketing spend. We know the cost per lead of our marketing with our own data and we work with you to ensure that those leads turn into dollars. Learn More