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Jul 09, 2024
Jul 09, 2024

Dr Patel, Dr. Tschoepe, Dr. Wakter


A friend referred me to this dental marketing agency, and we started our web campaign in early 2009. It picked up immediately, and it has been so effective that I stopped all my other marketing activities to focus solely on web marketing. Currently, 25 to 30 percent of my production depends on their services. For every dollar I spend, I get back about $15. They are fantastic, and I truly appreciate their work.

Dr. Patel

Our practice has been working with Web Marketing for about six weeks now, and we are very impressed with the amount of patient inquiries we've received in this short time. We've been able to establish treatment plans valued at seven to eight times our actual marketing costs. We're extremely impressed with the results.

Dr. Tschoepe Chester

I've been working with David Herman for about a year now, and his services have greatly improved my practice. I appreciate his attention to detail and his quick responses, whether by email or phone. Overall, it has been a great investment, and I plan to continue doing business with David.

Dr. Alex Wakter

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