The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Every sales guy knows this famous phrase: “The fortune is in the follow-up”. Well, since Dentists are also in the business of making sales, they should be no different. So how does this apply to the dentist office model?

A recent analysis of a dentist client’s marketing call logs and recordings gave us the following statistics that are pretty much reflected in other dentist offices as well:

49 incoming calls generated by an online marketing campaign over a 2 week period were analyzed:

11 appointments were made

19 calls needed no further action (appointment confirmations, checking location of office etc)

19 calls were good prospects who required active follow up by staff

So that’s 20% of the calls turning into consultations straight away. Great.

But 40% of the calls were potential new consults, they just needed some follow-up. You know the kind of thing: “I’ll speak to my wife and get back to you tomorrow”, “I just need to check my calendar when I get to work”, “I’m just entering a tunnel so I may lose this connec…fzzt”.

Now, let’s not kid around here. Very very few front desk people are calling back any of the leads that needed follow-up. And most of those leads are not put together enough to make it back to the phone either. the combination of that complete lack of enthusiasm on both sides is that those leads slip through the cracks and your hard-earned potential patients become, well, someone else’s patient.

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