Dr. Isaac V. Perle, DMD

It is my pleasure to recommend WebMarketingForDentists. I’ve been a client of David Herman for many years. I has always had honesty and integrity. He has always done everything to build my practice and taking initiative to do things without me prompting asking …

In terms of my results, I get about a 10:1 return on my investment. For every $1 I spend, I get $10 back…I think it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made, if not the best…Even in 2008 I had a 25% increase in my gross in practice and a 50% increase in my income…in 2009 it grew another 5% after that and I would say that 98% of that is because of David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. I became invisalign premium provider…95% or more of my patients come from the marketing through David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. I’ve also become one of the top providers, the top 10% in the country in BriteSmile and once again it’s through David [of Web Marketing for Dentists] efforts…

Honesty. Integrity. Efficiency and well worth the investment.

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