Dr. Jeremy Kurtz

I have been working with David Herman and Web Marketing For Dentists for about 7 years now and I am extremely happy with his services. I sold my dental practice and opened up a new office doing Invisalign and dental implants only. No hygiene, no restorative just Invisalign. And I am only a GP! With the right planning and thought, with internet marketing a dentist can do whatever procedures they want. In the past 3 years I have increased my Invisalign tx to the point that it is my primary focus and have opened up a second dental office with the same business model of Invisalign only. David tells me the benchmark of ROI on advertising should be 3-10x money spent. At this stage we are consistently at an ROI of 10x or more on a monthly basis. Of course this takes time to hone all skills in booking and closing cases. Just an example. I now consistently get between 70-80 invisalign consults a month and we close about 35 cases a month. ( of course we constantly are improving ourselves to improve these numbers) My business is now built on Internet marketing and I couldn’t have done it without David. He has positively changed the way I practice dentistry and changed my life.

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