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Sep 28, 2021
Sep 28, 2021

Scott Keadle


David and his team ran a 14 month campaign for us that generated over 1,000 leads. These were patients that had become unable to enjoy eating, laughing, singing in church, and a lot of other things that we take for granted with healthy teeth and a nice smile. Most hadn’t been to see a dentist in decades, mainly because they didn’t know there was hope. David’s team knew how to explain that there was hope and they were the “point of the spear” in the effort to make these people whole again. Without David, without skillful marketing and messaging, these folks would still be dental cripples, and unaware of how to make things better. Now they are smiling, laughing, and biting things with gusto. I was proud to be the dentist who placed the implants or fixed the teeth, and even more proud to be teammates with professionals like David Herman and his staff.

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