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Sep 28, 2021
Sep 28, 2021

Benjamin Polan


I needed to market for new patients and had always used the old paradigms. Post cards, newspaper, magazine ads. It was always dont worry this will work but not guarantees. Larry Brooks from MA sent out an email about this web marketing program with a guarantee. I listened but was skeptical. The company is WM4D web marketing for dentists. There was no long term agreement and their first month cost was free if I didnt feel I get anything i could cancel. I took a deep breath and the calls began coming in. We learned how to deal with these patients. You need an offer that gets them in the door and the rest up to you. After 2 or three months I no longer thought about the Wm4D fee . i was getting 2-3 calls a day and many days were seeing 2 new patients just from Web Marketing. Some were shoppers but some came in for one implant abut and crown and ended up with upper and lower hybrid dentures with 11 implants. Over 70K from one ad. I have not done any other marketing except my web presence. This does work !

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