Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

I’m a fan of the music of Bob Dylan.
But my wife thinks he can’t sing.

She really loves pumpkin soup.
But to me, it tastes like rotten leaves.

We’re all different, and tastes are subjective.
But sometimes facts are facts, and there’s no escaping from the truth.

Here are some facts I uncovered this week after talking to Web Marketing for Dentists clients:

Dentist Client 1:
65 calls generated this month, 23 consults made, 15 new patients, $12,300 new patient revenue.

Dentist Client 2:
73 calls generated this month, 18 consults made, 13 new patients, $13,600 new patient revenue.

Similar practices.
Similar locations.
Similar patients.
Similar marketing expense.
Remarkably similar results.

But very different levels of satisfaction.

Dentist Client 1:
Can’t sing our praises enough; recommending us to other dentists; happy as can be.

Dentist Client 2:
Upset his website is the ‘wrong colour’; that some patients were coming from ‘too far away’; that too many callers were only interested in price.

We’re not the sort to pat each other on the back, congratulating ourselves on the results we generate.
We’d rather keep improving, adding extra value, constantly striving for better results.

But it is surprising to see such different responses to almost exactly the same situation.

What’s the lesson here? (apart from there’s no pleasing some people!)

For any marketing you’re doing, know your ROI (Return on Investment).
Use this, and only this, as your barometer of success.

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