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Yousof and Dentistry

I have never been to a dentist. But I have taken people to them. I've seen people be relieved of their pain and their life made easier. This is quite possibly the best job I have had in terms of directly helping people live a better life.

Yousof's Personality

I have one.

Yousof in 2 words

"Beard Host"

Yousof's favorite quote

"What has reached you was never meant to miss you, and what has missed you was never meant to reach you."

Yousof's Bio

Yousof earned his bachelor's degree in Business Management but chose to become a software developer after discovering he had a passion for it. He chose to stick with web and the infrastructure related to it, since he enjoyed writing far reaching code. He has been working on the industry for about 9 years and has often impacted the organizations that he's worked with by making meaningful and cost-effective changes in their IT. Along the way, he's written applications that have benefitted upwards of 10k people in some cases.

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