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Ted and Dentistry

Oral health should be considered as part of our basic needs from day to day. By giving importance to our oral health we will be confident to laugh and smile in front of other people.

Ted's Personality

I'm quiet and observant of the people around me. I love music and playing musical instruments, especially bass and electric guitar. In fact, I'm also a member of a worship band in our community. I’m a very techy guy, I help my friends that are not tech savvy if they encounter problems about internet stuff.I love watching SciFi and sitcom series. It's my past time watching just to get away from society. I also engage in biking which is one of my current hobbies since I was just working at home and, with less body movement I do tend to go out and ride my bike going to different places here in the city.

Ted in 2 words

"Helpful, and Understanding."

Ted's favorite quote

"Where words fail, music speaks. - Hans Christian Anderson"

Ted's Bio

Ted graduated from University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines - CDO Campus earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Ted has been in the tech industry for almost 2 years now. Quality Assurance was his first job and he fell in love checking applications and finding software bugs that could affect the users.

He loves being part of the development team. Giving quality software to the end users, contributing to the community and changing their lives for the better using new technologies is a good feeling.

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