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Jahid and Dentistry

It is so important to brush your teeth and take care of your oral health. A smile is your unique accessory and pearly white teeth make it even more beautiful. It is important to teach children about dentistry and the importance of looking after their teeth.

Jahid's Personality

I do pay attention to my spiritual development as well as to my physical and intellectual development. I do so in a precisely balanced fashion which does not concentrate on one aspect to the detriment of others. For this reason, my life revolves around the worship and remembrance of ALLAH; five daily prayers, fasting the month of Ramadan, etc.

Jahid in 2 words


Jahid's favorite quote

"Set big goals and remain steadfast having trust in Allah (SWT); while reaching for those goals."

Jahid's Bio

Jahid completed his bachelor degree under the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Leading University, Sylhet. His first coding experience was with the strongest programming language c, c++ (this was in his early university days). Later in his studies he had to change his focus to topics like Electronic, Robotics, Networking and so on. His best project was “Speed Control of Induction Motor using Cycloconverter”. He successfully completed that project as a group leader and was proud that it was published in an international journal. Jahid started his job career in 2016 and tried a variety of jobs which included content writer, interpreting, virtual assistant as well as forex & crypto currency trading.  

After 2 years Jahid decided to continue developing his coding skills and has worked with vue.js, react.js, angular, node.js, Laravel & WordPress. "My life's journey wasn't so smooth but I was always determined, passionate and confident."

Jahid really enjoys his time with the Web Marketing for Dentists family. 

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