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Vice President of Business Development

Isaac and Dentistry

As I experienced working with dentists, I began getting requests from family members and friends asking advice about how to handle their dental situations. I was shocked at how much work people needed and how significant the need so many people have to find honest advice and a person they could trust. It helped me appreciate deeply the relationships I built with my dentist clients.

Isaac's Personality

I am a dreamer/builder/optimist who truly enjoys working with and helping people express their potential and grow. I enjoy golfing, family, music and wine, not in that order.

Isaac in 2 words

"Beard Pilot"

Isaac's favorite quote

"Wise men don't play leap frog with unicorns."

Isaac's Bio

Isaac graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania (1999).
He went on to work on Marketing Related internet Startups and then onto Strategy Management Consulting focused on Market segmentation and developing marketing strategy for Fortune 500s including Mastercard, Royal Bank of Canada, and Citigroup. He then built a small and medium sized business, business development consultancy focusing on Real Estate Development, Marketing and Healthcare businesses. Isaac joined Web Marketing for Dentists in 2009 and has since helped grow Web Marketing for Dentists by leading sales and business development efforts. Overall 22 years of experience growing businesses from a marketing as well as strategic consulting perspective.

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