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Full Stack Developer

Hana and Dentistry

Having good teeth and healthy gums plays a big role in boosting confidence. I always feel good and refreshed when I know my oral health is in good condition after a dental visit. Also, I can enjoy food way better when my teeth are working perfectly :)

Hana's Personality

I spend my free time reading stories, playing puzzle games and petting my cat. I like running and listening to alternative rock and pop music. Recently, I started collecting figurines and bobbleheads of my favorite Marvel characters.

Hana in 2 words

"Resourceful, Patient"

Hana's favorite quote

"Live for each second without hesitation. -Elton John"

Hana's Bio

Hana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing Management from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. She later earned her Diploma in Computer Studies with a Major in Computer Science from Informatics Computer Institute – Cagayan de Oro Center.

Hana has over 5 Years experience in Web Development working with Web Marketing for Dentists. This includes WordPress using HTML, CSS and graphics and designing ads. She provides basic troubleshooting steps, technical support and instructions if the team experiences problems.

Before joining Web Marketing for Dentists, Hana was a trainee at a local internet software company in her town where she audited the existing MySQL database queries from the company software product.

In her spare time Hana provides disaster & humanitarian relief for local organizations & charities

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