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Full Stack Developer

Francis and Dentistry

I once had a toothache and I wanted the earth to swallow me but a super hero came to the rescue - THE DENTIST

Francis's Personality

I am a gamer and enjoy playing FIFA and PES quite a bit. I enjoy the company of friends and loved ones but I also love my privacy. I am both introverted and extroverted depending on the environment.

Francis in 2 words


Francis's favorite quote

"Not all heroes wear a cape"

Francis's Bio

By training, Francis is licensed to practice as an eye doctor by the Nigerian Optometric Association having completed his 6- year degree program in Optometry. He found however, that he was interested in technology and has since switched careers. With over 5 years in the IT industry, he has become a seasoned developer with a quest to achieve more. "Did I mention that I won "Best in Chemistry" and competed in national math competitions in my early days? 🙂 "

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