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Full Stack Developer

Daryl and Dentistry

Having a good dentist is not cheap and is vastly different from having a cheap dentist. I was having a huge problem with my veneers which I frequently had to have changed (every 2 months) when I went to a cheap dentist. The quality of the veneers was poor, not sturdy with a yellowish color that appeared just days after it was placed. I finally visited a good dentist, which was not cheap, and the result is, after 2 years I still have the first veneer he placed. The color hasn't changed and it is sturdy. There is no question that quality definitely matters over money.

Daryl's Personality

I’m just a typical guy who’s always driven to strive hard for my family. I am energized, focused and motivated to do my best. I always take the high road and treat my leaders, colleagues, and team with respect. During my spare time I used to stalk BlackPink and Twice because I’m an avid fan of these K-POP Artists. They give me the energy to work and make me not sleepy.

Daryl in 2 words

"Prudent, trustworthy"

Daryl's favorite quote

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster - Sun tzu"

Daryl's Bio

Daryl studied hard at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines to become a well-qualified IT professional. He completed a challenging internship with Data World in the Web Developers department. While there he noticed that the company did not have a Job Order System and offered to help them create one. This would help them determines the price of each individual product and ensure that the cost of each product is reasonable enough so that a customer would be interested in purchasing it, while at the same time still allow the company to make a profit.

Daryl has been in the IT industry for about 9 years, although he was also engaged in a related area of work before joining the industry. He was an IT instructor at an International IT School wherein he was appointed the youngest Academic Head and worked with amazing IT instructors.

The talents he contributes to the Web Marketing for Dentists team is having a good knowledge in web backend allowing him to contribute in web development as well as resolving backend web issues as they arise. Daryl has won numerous hackathon and IT challenges which are held locally.

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