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Anderson and Dentistry

Dentistry has been GREAT for my self-esteem. I am just about to finish my braces treatment to get them all straightened and nice and I’m happier than ever. I love to smile all the time but I barely showed my teeth because I was embarrassed. My treatment isn’t even finished and I’m so happy with the results I can properly smile as I’ve always wanted! Dentistry has been a great lifesaver for me.

Anderson's Personality

My personality can be a great mix of passion, love, joy, comfort, a little bit too bossy, warm, and hungry for knowledge. My spare time is now fully packed with seeking info about NFT topics, specifically NFT games as I am such a gaming enthusiast. (Or a gamer, for those who belong to my generation). A fun fact about me is that sometimes English speaking people forget I am a native Spanish speaker and are shocked when they listen to my natural Spanish. It’s like they just met someone new.

Anderson in 2 words

"Smart, Analytical"

Anderson's favorite quote

"It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair. - Taylor Swift"

Anderson's Bio

Anderson is a good mix of everything- from a Graphic Designer, to a Customer Service Specialist and a Community Manager! He received his bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at Universidad del Norte, but that’s just a very small part of who he is. He has two years of work experience that have helped him overcome any obstacle and learn many things that have helped him get to where he is today, and there’s still so much to go for. I can easily pitch something to a customer while creating a graphic piece just like that.

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