Is your proftability unexceptional or even dangerously low?

In today’s economy, businesses including Dentistry need to be laser focused in making sure their business is successful. How much do you make on cleanings, are you such a good dentist that your existing patients don’t really need any significant work, because you have taken such good care of them all these years.

The internet represents the greatest opportunity for finding those patients near you who are ALREADY LOOKING for a service provider and are searching for specific procedures. Wouldn’t you like to be able to market to implant searchers near you, or emergency patients, or veneer and whitening searchers. If your marketing strategy is about “throw the money around enough that it’ll work somewhere”, than your margins are probably getting tighter. Or maybe you simply don’t believe in anything but patient reactivation. Either way there are profitable strategies offering a 10 to 1 return on your investment in the very short term.

Keep in Mind there are people searching near you for specific high end procedures. You have the ability to engage them, don’t miss the chance! Every day you wait is another large case slipped through your fingers.

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