Dr. Alan Woodson

Dr. Alan Woodson – Upland, CA

Hello, this is Dr. Alan B. Woodson in Upland, California, and I just wanted to express how satisfied I am with WebMarketingforDentists. This definitely was the answer for my practice, it was an answer to a prayer. I’ve been in practice for almost 20 years and I had been doing some heavy advertising with yellow pages, but nowadays it seems that less and less people are using them. If they’re anything like me they’re using the internet and I had a hunch about that, and boy was I right! My new patient numbers were just drastically dwindling and my practice was in severe danger, and I can truly say that WebMarketingforDentists literally saved my practice.

In the first month that we did it, we generated $10,000. Over the four months that we’ve had it, we have generated over $30,000 in production. It is a wonderful thing, patients are calling our office, and they’re getting procedures done that they’re not getting done in their other dental office. They are calling us for their services and we are so happy. So, we already more than paid for the service for the entire year in the first four months that we’ve had it. I am so excited, I am so happy. Thank God for this service and David Herman is awesome, he really thoroughly serves you and he does whatever he can to maximize your advertising dollars.

The forethought and proactiveness that he has about him has just done wonders for our practice. I don’t know how I have survived without it before. I just want to tell the world that I’m so excited about this service, thank you very much for letting me share this.

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