Dental Websites That Make Money

Dental Websites That Make Money

So you spent a lot of money on a website, or you are about to spend a lot of money on a website, let me ask you a question. Did you consider what people searching for a Dentist care about most? Is the person building your website aware of what people are looking for in their dentists. A person with whom you already have a relationship is quite different from someone you are looking to build a relationship with.

A website that is built egocentrically, thinking only about you, will only please you. Split tests conducted have clearly identified, those variables which change the effectiveness of a site, meaning what gets the phone to ring more often. If your site is meant for your existing patients to be proud of their dentist than great, they are already a patient, the hard work has already been done. If the site is meant to get you more business though we better consider what aspects of the site are most important in getting business.

Trust is the greatest hurdle you have to overcome online. For someone who does not know you and is going to entrust their oral health and ability to eat properly to you, the most important thing you can do is try to build that trust as fast as possible. Testimonials! It is amazing how many websites leave out testimonials altogether.

Some people may feel written testimonials are not very convincing, and they may be right. Audio and video testimonials have been shown to increase the conversion of visitors to a website into callers by up to 30% more.

There are many other factors about the site and the way that people arrive at the site and navigate around it, which will impact the effectiveness of your site to convert visitors into callers. It is important to discuss this with your marketer, and be clear that the direction they are taking you, is in line with proper patient psychology, so that the question of What are my patients or prospective patients looking for becomes the driving force. In my humble opinion, fancy flash presentations or websites sold per page do nothing more than woo the people who are already your patients and already impressed with you, as a web tool there are several limiting factors which will severly limit your online presence. Did you know Flash does not show up on search engines or smart phones?


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