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We always knew that chat on dental websites was powerful but we didn’t realize how powerful until we started to install it on our dentists’ websites. Suddenly, potential dental patients visiting the site who are not able to use the phone because of their environment (think cubicle workers or mothers at home who don’t want to be overheard by the rest of the family) have started to interact and give their name, phone number and email to our chat agents. Sometimes, these people do want to speak to someone at the dental office and we can “hot connect” them immediately by phone to your staff. Mostly, however, they just want a call or email back to them later when they will have more time.

We think you will like this addition to your dental office’s marketing tools. You only pay for the new patient leads you get.

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Benefits of Adding 24/7 Live Staffed Chat to Your Website

  • Increase new dental patient leads from your dental advertising campaigns by an average of 25%
  • Engage customers who are in a situation that makes it difficult for them to speak to your dental office over the phone
  • Get detailed information about the prospective dental patient’s needs during the crucial dentist selection phase
  • Initiate real-time, proactive communication with patients interested in your dental services
  • Deliver immediate assistance for new patient prospects without wait times or indirect response (i.e., phone calls, email)

Chat – How It Works

  1. Upon signing up for the 24/7 Live Staffed Chat Service, we will install a Live Chat icon on your website.
  2. Our chat agents will use a script customized specifically for your dental office to engage your site visitors and prospective dental patients.
  3. Once the lead initiates a chat, our chat agents will go through the script to collect relevant information about the new patient (example: name, phone number, email address, reason for the call, etc.).
  4. Our Live Chat agents will be able to offer the following options to your dental website visitor.
    • We will be able to connect the potential patient to someone at your dental office during business hours right from the live chat window.
    • After hours, if you have someone on call, we will be able to connect the dental website visitor with the on call manager OR we will let the potential patient know that someone will contact them first thing in the morning. In any scenario, you will receive an immediate email with information about the new dental patient lead.
  5. We monitor your dentist website and respond to chats for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. We provide you with a monthly lead report of chats completed with your dental website visitors.

A dental lead is defined as a contact coming to your dentist website who is interested in your dental services. The new dental lead has expressed interest in being contacted for a dental consultation or for return correspondence by phone or email and has provided our chat agent with their contact information and dental procedure of interest. Additional chats which take place regarding other matters—for instance, inquiries about employment or questions from existing patients—are not considered to be new dental patient leads and therefore will incur no charge.