Senior Content Creator and Storyteller (5 years relevant experience) needed to write emails, email sequences, landing pages, video scripts, infographics, and presentations for a successful digital marketing agency with clients in the dental industry (our clients make minimum 500% ROI on marketing spend).

Priority #1: Communicate with existing clients better/more often (internal)

The vast majority of our clients use just 1 marketing service through us.

We need our existing clients to pay us to do more types of marketing for them.

Possibilities are strong since we have proven models in many of the services we provide like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, display ads, retargeting ads, 24/7 chat/call center services, web design and video production.

Additionally, all our clients have access to our home-grown lead management software product, LeadHub, which helps anyone turn any leads from any source into revenue for our clients. This is the prime way that we integrate ourselves into our clients’ sales process to successfully improve ROI month over month.

Priority #2: Plan campaigns to generate new inbound leads from among the wider target market of North American dentists (external):

Our outbound marketing should convince dentists that don’t know us yet to give us a try and trust us with their marketing.

The details of what you’ll be doing…

Here are the kinds of things a content creator would be able to do for us:

  1. Craft emails and landing pages to push our services – we use Hubspot currently for email sending
  2. Create videos – internal productions, vlogs etc would all depend on your well-written scripts
  3. Our corporate website needs an update/restructure/rewrite badly (we have a great web dev dept for technical areas but you would be writing and structuring the content)
  4. SEO for corporate website (we have an SEO expert in house but he needs content to be written with SEO best practices in mind)
  5. Our new products and services need PDF’s/pricing docs/proposals/video explainers/client testimonials and case studies to be created
  6. Social media pages need development
  7. Dentist-facing PPC campaigns (Google, Facebook, Linkedin etc) will need powerful landing pages, supported by engaging graphics- and video-based ads.

Here are some of the skills we’ll expect you to have…

  1. Excellent writing skills
  2. Managing upwards – capable of pulling in Executive Team and specifically CEO for briefings/check-ins/comments/approvals etc. 
  3. Managing sideways – capable of pulling in work from other departments like IT, web development, SEO team, PPC team, design etc
  4. Manage downwards – this will effectively mean outsourcing as you will not have your own staff
  5. Must be self-starter
  6. Must have a design sensibility (good taste in aesthetics)
  7. Must have great organizational and project management skills
  8. Maintain key performance metric dashboards that track the effectiveness of our marketing strategies, summarize key insights, and recommend actions to improve campaigns.

Compensation: competitive based on your experience

This job is remote (the company is virtual as of 2020). Hours 20-40 per week. Benefits package includes 20+ days PTO per year, Blue Cross health insurance, 401K and more.

If all this seems like an amazing and unmissable opportunity, then please send a beautifully crafted yet mercifully short cover letter with your resume to We look forward to hearing from you.

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