Dr. Yon Elejabarrieta

So far the only marketing that I have done that has given me a consistent positive return on investment is my PPC campaign that I have with David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. They provide you with monthly reports and help track your results. If you are looking for more new patients, then call David at Web Marketing for Dentists.

Dr. Timothy J. Tufankjian

…I have to say that the return on investment has been really incredible; we get about 10-15 to 1 return for every dollar that we spend. The staff [of Web Marketing for Dentists] listens to me and they make adjustments when needed. They have been very very helpful and I am incredibly happy with the advertising that we have done. It’s been the best advertising that we have done to date

Dr. Bruce Knecht

[Web Marketing for Dentists] have more than doubled our new patient leads that we have received from the internet in just a short time and also our patient conversions. Their staff is always pleasant to work with, quick to respond and very knowledgeable…

Dr. Joseph M. Homoky

I wanted to give a huge thanks to the Web Marketing for Dentists team. They have been really great in setting everything up. It has been very easy. Lots of information to use. As of now, the return on investment has been greater than 6 times that which we’ve spent so far. The staff [at Web Marketing for Dentists] has been fantastic to work with…I look forward to a long term relationship working with you guys.

Dr. Maryam Taat

I am a general and cosmetic dentist. “…I’ve had great results, great turn around and a lot of new patients with middle or higher income. This association with Web Marketing For Dentists has been great for my practice and I do really appreciate them and I do recommend them to all the other professionals that like to take their practice to the next level…

Dr. Farokh Jiveh

It has been BY FAR one of the best marketing tools that I have done ever since I’ve been a dentist. I have tried magazine ads, local paper ads, I had tried coupons, radio, which might work for some people but from my experience this has been the best best experience that we’ve had in our practice. They traced the calls. It’s been phenomenal. The way they trained my staff. My staff has been trained with listening back to these calls. It has been amazing. It’s not just a search engine optimization or a positioning thing. […] The great thing about Web Marketing For Dentists is can get to review how the staff or how anybody that picks up the phone to talk to the patients and we can practice it… I would say that on an average we get about anywhere from 7 to 12 consults per week and most of them turn out to be treatments. Again I have tried radio but to me it was a waste of my money. But with this team, this is the best money I’ve ever spent on marketing. And the support is unbelievable. We have weekly conferences with them and they train our staff about “how to answer some phone calls” and “how to get patients in

Dr Jose Villareal

I doubled the number of patients that I was having. Let me put it to you this way: the last 3 months, I had more new patients equal to the first 9 months. And when I say the last 3 months, we only used them for the last 2, so I looked at from a quarterly basis so when we get this quarter coming up in January, I bet you it’s gonna be like 3 times or maybe 4 times. It’s an incredible thing for us…I’m kinda hidden, but patients find us; they see the advertisements and it tells where you’re at. For us, working with Web Marketing For Dentists has been working very well…

Dr. Kalpesh Patel

…We started our campaign about early 2009 and it started to pick up right away. It was working so great that I stopped all of my other marketing activity and just concentrated on my Web Marketing [For Dentists]. I’m right now depending on them for 25-30% of my production and for every $1.00 I spend with them; I get like $15.00 back…

Dr. Stan Frohlinger

…Nothing has been as effective as this program. I have a constant flow of new patients; they’re not just any new patients, they’re fee for service patients for the most part…this is the way to go. It’s money well spent and you won’t be disappointed…we’ve been busy even in spite of the economic downturn, this program has kept our office constantly busy…

Dr. Alex Wakter

…I have been with David Herman [of Web Marketing for Dentists] for a year now I believe. I must say I was skeptical at first, and apprehensive, but I have been proven wrong…I must say [Web Marketing for Dentists]’s services have been a great improvement for my practice and I appreciate all that [they have] done and [their] attention to detail…[they’ve] always been quick to reply by email or by phone…[Web Marketing for Dentists] has been a great investment and I shall continue doing business with David and his team.

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