Dr. Bruce Knecht

[Web Marketing for Dentists] have more than doubled our new patient leads that we have received from the internet in just a short time and also our patient conversions. Their staff is always pleasant to work with, quick to respond and very knowledgeable…

Dr. Alan Woodson

…My new patient numbers were just drastically dwindling and my practice was in severe danger, and I can truly say that Web Marketing for Dentists literally saved my practice. In the first month that we did it, we generated $10,000. Over the four months that we’ve had it, we have generated over $30,000 in production. It is a wonderful thing, patients are calling our office, and they’re getting procedures done that they’re not getting done in their other dental office…David Herman [of Web Marketing for Dentists] is awesome, he really thoroughly serves you and he does whatever he can to maximize your advertising dollars…

Dr. Jonathan Abenaim

I’ve tried lots of different ways to market my practice and one of the ways is using Web Marketing for Dentists and David Herman. He put a website together for us that was professional, very informative, and very easy for the patients to navigate. This led us to actually getting phone calls, and converting those calls into patients. David always says : “we advertise for the procedures that you want”. We asked for Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and that’s the type of patients that we’ve received. Our return on investments has been great, the company has been great. The amount of people who are searching for dentistry online is unbelievable and if you are a dentist who is trying to grow his practice, do more of procedures that you enjoy and that at the same time can fulfill patients' needs and wants, Web Marketing for Dentists is definitely the route to take. Looking at certain figures and numbers is just not the way for you to go. The way for you to go is to trust them. They do great work, they tweak the marketing specifically to your area, towards what you want and within no time you’ll be getting leads, you’ll be converting, you’ll be doing more and more dentistry that’s more profitable allowing you to spend some more time with your family.

Dr. Alex Wakter

…I have been with David Herman [of Web Marketing for Dentists] for a year now I believe. I must say I was skeptical at first, and apprehensive, but I have been proven wrong…I must say [Web Marketing for Dentists]’s services have been a great improvement for my practice and I appreciate all that [they have] done and [their] attention to detail…[they’ve] always been quick to reply by email or by phone…[Web Marketing for Dentists] has been a great investment and I shall continue doing business with David and his team.

Dr. Cary N. Goldberg

…[Web Marketing for Dentists] attentive, they are responsive, they work with me on tweaking campaigns until they’re getting the results that we’re searching for, they have more than tripled the investment we have made in them. They are dental specialists, they know what they’re talking about, they have trial by trial and error to come up with the right thing, the right ads for us. We are very pleased with their services and recommend them highly.

Dr. Farokh Jiveh

It has been BY FAR one of the best marketing tools that I have done ever since I’ve been a dentist. I have tried magazine ads, local paper ads, I had tried coupons, radio, which might work for some people but from my experience this has been the best best experience that we’ve had in our practice. They traced the calls. It’s been phenomenal. The way they trained my staff. My staff has been trained with listening back to these calls. It has been amazing. It’s not just a search engine optimization or a positioning thing. […] The great thing about Web Marketing For Dentists is can get to review how the staff or how anybody that picks up the phone to talk to the patients and we can practice it… I would say that on an average we get about anywhere from 7 to 12 consults per week and most of them turn out to be treatments. Again I have tried radio but to me it was a waste of my money. But with this team, this is the best money I’ve ever spent on marketing. And the support is unbelievable. We have weekly conferences with them and they train our staff about “how to answer some phone calls” and “how to get patients in

Dr. Gurusharan Singh

I started with Web Marketing For Dentists in 2014 and I’ve got a really great response in my first month. I saw around 150 new patients the very first month when I signed up with [Web Marketing for Dentists] and they have been doing a great job. I would recommend everybody to sign up with [them]…You get new patients, every day you get at least 4 to 5 to 10 new patients…

Dr. Varghese John

…The return on investment has been great. The $2000 we spent on marketing brought us more than 31 new patients…we closed $65,264.00 on a $2000 investment. So this is simply awesome. I have not seen any other investment vehicle that brings this kind of return and I know it’s only going to get better.

Dr. David Grace

Thanks to WebMarketingForDentists we’ve gotten over 200 calls and many case acceptances. In fact, the largest case acceptance, over $24K, is going to pay for the whole campaign for a whole year!

Dr. Isaac V. Perle, DMD

It is my pleasure to recommend WebMarketingForDentists. I’ve been a client of David Herman for many years. I has always had honesty and integrity. He has always done everything to build my practice and taking initiative to do things without me prompting asking …

In terms of my results, I get about a 10:1 return on my investment. For every $1 I spend, I get $10 back…I think it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made, if not the best…Even in 2008 I had a 25% increase in my gross in practice and a 50% increase in my income…in 2009 it grew another 5% after that and I would say that 98% of that is because of David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. I became invisalign premium provider…95% or more of my patients come from the marketing through David [of Web Marketing for Dentists]. I’ve also become one of the top providers, the top 10% in the country in BriteSmile and once again it’s through David [of Web Marketing for Dentists] efforts…

Honesty. Integrity. Efficiency and well worth the investment.

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