Jahid completed his bachelor degree under the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Leading University, Sylhet. His first coding experience was with the strongest programming language c, c++ (this was in his early university days). Later in his studies he had to change his focus to topics like Electronic, Robotics, Networking and so on. His best project was “Speed Control of Induction Motor using Cycloconverter”. He successfully completed that project as a group leader and was proud that it was published in an international journal. Jahid started his job career in 2016 and tried a variety of jobs which included content writer, interpreting, virtual assistant as well as forex & crypto currency trading.  

After 2 years Jahid decided to continue developing his coding skills and has worked with vue.js, react.js, angular, node.js, Laravel & WordPress. "My life's journey wasn't so smooth but I was always determined, passionate and confident."

Jahid really enjoys his time with the Web Marketing for Dentists family. 


Thesa graduated from Xavier University – Ateneo De Cagayan with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a B.S. in Computer Science, majoring in Network Administration. She has over 12 years experience in Web Development and IT Management

Her experience includes NetSuite, Shopify, Woocommerce. She's worked in digital marketing agencies, helped Ecommerce startups develop their brand, websites and social media presence and has managed outsourced team members.

In her role at Web Marketing for Dentists, Thesa's focus is on production of websites for clients. She helps the team develop standards in making product development faster and more streamlined.

Thesa uses her her spare time as a volunteer in many capacities including relief operations, disaster & humanitarian relief, feeding programs and disaster debriefing sessions for young survivors.


Jeff graduated in Computer Science and has been in the industry for almost a decade. His education however didn't end there. As he always says, there is always more to learn and the technology keeps evolving over time.. its a never ending learning process.

Jeff's first job, in 2011, was at an Australian Tech Company as a SEO specialist where he was awarded Number #1 Employee out of 180 in terms of work performance. He worked mostly on popular CMS builders (Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, WordPress, etc).

In 2014, he began working for a Malaysian Company, managing their CMS database site and researching potential clients in the fields of Engineering and Human Resources. Following that, he went freelancing for various SEO wordpress sites. He learned how google works and worked with clients with low cost indexing of sites using various methods.

Since joining Web Marketing for Dentists he has become very familiar with the intricacies of web development. He has gained tremendous insight into working in a professional capacity.


Daryl studied hard at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines to become a well-qualified IT professional. He completed a challenging internship with Data World in the Web Developers department. While there he noticed that the company did not have a Job Order System and offered to help them create one. This would help them determines the price of each individual product and ensure that the cost of each product is reasonable enough so that a customer would be interested in purchasing it, while at the same time still allow the company to make a profit.

Daryl has been in the IT industry for about 9 years, although he was also engaged in a related area of work before joining the industry. He was an IT instructor at an International IT School wherein he was appointed the youngest Academic Head and worked with amazing IT instructors.

The talents he contributes to the Web Marketing for Dentists team is having a good knowledge in web backend allowing him to contribute in web development as well as resolving backend web issues as they arise. Daryl has won numerous hackathon and IT challenges which are held locally.


Hana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing Management from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. She later earned her Diploma in Computer Studies with a Major in Computer Science from Informatics Computer Institute – Cagayan de Oro Center.

Hana has over 5 Years experience in Web Development working with Web Marketing for Dentists. This includes WordPress using HTML, CSS and graphics and designing ads. She provides basic troubleshooting steps, technical support and instructions if the team experiences problems.

Before joining Web Marketing for Dentists, Hana was a trainee at a local internet software company in her town where she audited the existing MySQL database queries from the company software product.

In her spare time Hana provides disaster & humanitarian relief for local organizations & charities


Kris studied IT at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (formerly MUST). During her years in college she would gravitate towards illustration and design - helping the Student Council with designing posters, banners, etc.

After graduating college she was quite fortunate to land a job in Web Marketing For Dentists. She worked with Web Marketing For Dentists for over a year and a half. She felt however that she needed to gain more experience in design and found a job at a local ad agency where she worked for a little over two years. Working under the wing of an experienced and sought-after senior designer in her town allowed her to grow her knowledge with regards to design. She gained experience working in projects from logo design, to print ads, to illustrations, to even being part of the official design team for an annual local cooking event. This gave her not only the experience but also a bit of insight and appreciation on the business side of things. Missing working on projects related to IT she was happy to rejoin Web Marketing For Dentists. When the opportunity came, she did not think twice. She now finds that the balance that she needed with the type of work that she wanted is with Web Marketing For Dentists, having the opportunity to design and build websites while at the same time helping bridge patients and dentists, "I find it pretty rewarding". 🙂


Geophy graduated from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a major in Network Administration

His first encounter with WordPress was in 2012. He fell in love with it and it grew deeper when he joined Web Marketing for Dentists in 2013 . Since then he has been improving his skills and knowledge, learning new trends, and exerting more effort than ever before to accomplish all the tasks and requirements.

In his spare time Geophy builds websites for his friends and assists them in their security and maintenance.


Arinze received his his B.sc in Computer science from the National Open University of Nigeria. He is a full stack developer with over 6 years experience. He prides himself in his debugging skills and web development experience. He is most proud of auditing micro-service.


By training, Francis is licensed to practice as an eye doctor by the Nigerian Optometric Association having completed his 6- year degree program in Optometry. He found however, that he was interested in technology and has since switched careers. With over 5 years in the IT industry, he has become a seasoned developer with a quest to achieve more. "Did I mention that I won "Best in Chemistry" and competed in national math competitions in my early days? 🙂 "


Esti attended college focusing on graphic design. After college she worked for a Real Estate Title Company at which time she became a notary public, attending many Title Closings as a Title Closer which entailed reviewing documents prior to closing and organizing the transfer of money after a closing. Esti took a break from working for a number of years to start and raise a family. She joined the WM4D team to assist in website content and editing. 

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